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B.I.R. Basic Survival Tips for Entrepreneurs

Well, when you have been working for government or private companies you need not trouble yourself with the tedious requirements and rules and regulations of the Bureau of Internal Revenue as what you have experienced, right? However, what if you decided to set up your own business? A resounding caveat my friend.

There are a multitude of things to take into account. Should you avail of an 8% income tax rate option? Or go for a percentage tax instead? These things should be taken into consideration before even applying for a certificate of registration etc. Otherwise you have to wait for another deadline to qualify for aforementioned choices.

Based from my experience, you cannot venture into your new endeavour without knowing significant rudiments of the trade. It sure was a baptism of fire. Right off the bat, I definitely suggest that you immerse yourself to the world of taxes. If not, you would sadly suffer monetary consequences needlessly.

There are many tutorials online in YouTube and on their website. Study, study, and study. In my case there was a seminar offered by the local regional office. It was about an hour or so, a lecture on the ins and outs of the tax system. Please listen intently. Why? It worked to my advantage.

Aside from winning a prize during the quiz, I was able to save a whopping one thousand pesos just because I digested carefully the many lessons of the seminar. For the first time you file your tax obligation the officer stated that there are friendly employees who would help you out as long as you file days before the deadline. If you do not, then you can file online or hire a book keeper. Filing online is free but hiring a book keeper will cost you one thousand pesos.

You have to hold them to their word. To be true to their word. To their oath of service. And, you have to be assertive because some of the employees at the regional office do not know what they are doing and do not care about you. It is like the blind leading the blind. They just want to get rid of you and throw you to the next counter and make you consult a non-employee across the street while munching fish crackers on the job.

Persevere and do not give up. If there are bad apples there are good ones. When I felt my cause was sinking, I sought the help of Mr. Elmer B. Tanay. I remembered that during my previous transactions, he is one of the most effective and efficient employees of the B.I.R.

The security guards are very helpful as well. What the bad apples lacked in duty and civil service were compensated by the concern and prompt assistance by the security officers. Officer Geroy and the others are worth mentioning. Incidentally, a batchmate of my youngest brother was a tremendous help indeed. I learned from him that there is such a thing as closure to fully seal the tax process.

This is what Mr. Tanay confided in me- that taxpayers are surprised with penalties that accumulated through the years. The payment of taxes online is not difficult. Once he guided first-time-tax-payers, I myself can vouch for its ease and convenience. He jovially shared that he is like a teacher in nursery. Prior to that, I stated that I am the type of person who produces the exact output as the input.

Now, the most important question is: should you hire a book keeper? You do not have to because once you take into heart all the points to ponder then all you have to keep in mind are the deadlines. Complying with them is a walk in the park. Remember, you can do them online.

One man told me that when you are already busy with your own business there is no time to squeeze in your tax compliance. Well, I beg to disagree. When I did it, the procedure took only about five minutes. Would you want to say goodbye to your one thousand peso bill or keep it? The choice is always yours. All I can say is money does not grow on trees.

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