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BCC inaugurates new buildings, preps for future conversion into state university

By Annalyn Gallego

“Baao Community College was able to reach thousands of students in the province. What more could we expect if it is converted into a state college? Indeed, all these improvements are essential in our own development as students and in the community as well,” shared Princess Grace DV. Villadares, a 4th year student of Baao Community College (BCC).

As BCC gears towards its conversion into Rinconada State University, additional infrastructure projects were built to cater to more enrollees and to promote further the free quality tertiary education in the province of Camarines Sur.

On March 23, 2022, BCC inaugurated its two new buildings, particularly the 2-storey administration building and 3-classroom building that are advantageous to the growing population of the community college and with its anticipation of the limited face-to-face classes.

Melwin Atanacio, another 4th year student of BCC, shared, “BCC is slowly becoming popular. It is really a huge achievement especially to the next batch of students who will enroll here. I am just so excited to have Rinconada State College here in 5th district that will bring more benefits for the students apart from its free education.” At present, there are close to 5,000 enrolled students at BCC.

BCC. The Baao Community College inaugurated its two new buildings particularly the 2-storey administration building and 3-classroom building last March 23, 2022. multimedia/rbmjr04132022

“It will really be such an honor if BCC will be converted into a a state college or university because of the exceptional learning experience that it could offer, not just to students here in Rinconda, but to the province as a whole,” said Eva Mirando, another graduating student of BCC.

She added, “I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Provincial Government for the relentless support to all of us. Please do know that all your efforts will never go unnoticed. It’s really a nice feeling that we are being supported especially during this time of pandemic.”

As the institution prepares for its conversion, it will help expand the school, generate bigger campus with more classrooms, accommodate thousands of students, as well as develop and improve the local economy of the municipalities nearby.

The Provincial Government continues to build better infrastructures and bring better services for the furtherance of the youth in Camarines Sur.


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