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“Be more watchful of your children”-PNP

By Paulo DS. Papa

“Be watchful for your own kids’ sake.”

This is the simple advice of Police Major Maria Victoria Abalaing, spokeswoman of the Camarines Sur Police Provincial Office (CSPPO) to parents who plan to bring their children to the beach this summer.

The guidance was articulated by the police officer after she learned that the 8 victims of sea drowning that took place in different beaches in the province were all children and the incidents happened due to the negligence of their own parents or their failure to take good care of their little ones.

In an interview, Maj. Abalaing said that parents must be “vigilant” or alert especially while on the sea happily playing with their children where waves are not always gentle and small. “They also come in terrifying and gigantic forms”, the police officer said.

She also advised parents to watch over their children aged one to four years old in swimming pools.

Abalaing said, police stations in the province have already established their police assistance desks in nearby tourist destinations thus it is better to ask for the police hotline for an expeditious response in case of emergency.


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