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BFP urges poll bets ‘be fire conscious’

By Paulo DS. Papa

The Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) has urged local candidates and their supporters to be fire conscious in putting up campaign materials near power poles and electric lines to avoid fire incidents that may affect houses and business establishments.

Fire Senior Inspector Peter Paul Mendoza, Naga City BFP acting chief, told Bicol Mail that candidates and their supporters should avoid putting or installing their campaign materials, such as tarpaulins and other posters made of flammable materials, near those places.

He said electrical short circuit may happen that could burn these materials and cause fire that may spread in residential and business areas.

For the first two months of the year, BFP recorded five fire incidents that damaged business and residential units without any casualty, he said.

Mendoza said that the BFP will continue to implement fire prevention measures to prevent fire from happening in the city.

He advised homeowners to be particularly vigilant in the operation of electrical appliances and cooking stoves that often cause fire.

He also appealed to landowners to stop burning garbage or dried leaves in their backyards to avoid bush or grass fire.


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