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Bicolana ‘hypnotized’ by Ptr. Quiboloy’s charisma

By Manuel T. Ugalde

A retired government employee was allegedly hypnotized to abandon her Catholic faith to become a follower of the embattled Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy, the self-proclaimed owner of the universe and Appointed Son of God, who is now wanted by US authorities for rape and sex trafficking charges.

Quiboloy, a close friend, die-hard supporter and spiritual adviser of President Rodrigo Duterte is under threat of incarceration in the United States of America following the rape and sex trafficking charges filed against him by the US Attorney’s Office. His church allegedly recruited minors from the Philippines who were sent to the US using questionable travel papers.

These minors were allegedly tasked among others as sex service workers for Quiboloy and associates, donation collectors for the Quiboloy’s church, the Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KJC). According to the charges, the victims, dubbed as the Quiboloy kingdom pastorals, did not only served as sex slaves but also as Quiboloy household workers. The charges stated that victims performed “night duties” and those who refused to have sex with Quiboloy were physically harmed and threatened with eternal damnation.

Meanwhile, the country’s Department of Justice (DOJ) said that should it receive extradition request from the US government, it would readily comply to extradite the Quiboloy.

A man who identified himself as Mr. Espinas from Legazpi City said his mother was allegedly hypnotized by Quiboloy charisma that she decided to abandon her Catholic faith to become a member of the KJC.

According to him, his mother’s boredom following her retirement from the Commission on Human Rights several years ago, made her addicted in YouTube watching the TV program of Quiboloy. As a result, she adored Quiboloy religious sermons leading to her decision to see the pastor in Davao City and eventually she became an ardent KJC follower.

In an address to his followers livestreamed on his YouTube channel, Quiboloy said the Omicron Covid-19 variant is the result of how he is being treated.

“I told you, I’m telling you the truth, the day of the Lord is here. Do not ever ever play a joke or continue to pursue the prosecution of the appointed son because the father in heaven has already declared through the appointed son, no one can escape this,” he declared.


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