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BNYF, Project KKK inspire youth via historical movies

By Virgilio Dela Cruz

THE Bayan Norte Youth Force (BNYF) in collaboration with Project KKK has successfully organized a movie marathon project that aims to empower the youth in the city by offering them with historical and informative outdoor movie series.

Called “Padalan para sa kahobenan kan Bayan Norte,” the project captivated the interest of young individuals who were provided with a platform to analyze the profound messages that the films wish to communicate to their viewers.

Project KKK chair Rio Theodore S. Rodriguez and his team said that the initiative is aimed to foster a sense of community and inclusivity among the youth.

The outdoor movie marathon served as motivation for BNYF’s establishment and solidified its reputation as an organization committed to engaging young individuals and catering to their diverse needs.

Furthermore, the project provided an opportunity for the youth to actively participate in activities that encouraged critical thinking and reflection.

The “Padalan” took place over the course of four Saturdays and one Sunday, attracting an impressive turnout of 50-70 viewrs. The film selection encompassed a wide range of genres, including historical dramas, thought-provoking films, and influential classics. Each film was carefully chosen to inspire meaningful discussions and encourage participants to delve deeper into the lessons conveyed.

Following each screening, the project head, together with the BNYF team, facilitated interactive movie analyses to extract the valuable lessons learned from watching the films. These discussions allowed the youth to engage in intellectual conversations, sharing their perspectives and insights while broadening their knowledge and understanding of history, society, and human experiences.

The success of this project would not have been possible without the generous support and partnership of several well-regarded organizations and individuals. BNYF extended their heartfelt gratitude to the Naga City Scholars Guild, the Office of Congressman Gabriel H. Bordado, and Project KKK for their invaluable contributions by serving healthy mushroom snacks and assistance to the project.

In addition, the project is supported by SK of Bagumbayan Norte and the Barangay Council, under the leadership of Punong Barangay Racquel Tutanes. The team also acknowledged Barangay Kagawad Lolit Nantes who helped to ensure the seamless conduct of the event.

The project has not only become a beacon of positive change but has also fostered hope, camaraderie, and networking among the youth. By providing an inclusive and intellectually stimulating environment, this project has encouraged the youth to actively participate in shaping their communities.

Through their collective efforts, BNYF and Project KKK have empowered the next generation to embrace their potential and contribute to the betterment of society.

As BNYF continues its journey towards nurturing the youth’s potential, it plans to expand its services and outreach programs to further cater to the needs and aspirations of young individuals.

BNYF and Project KKK have set a remarkable example for other organizations striving to empower and inspire youths in pursuit of knowledge, understanding, and community engagement.


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