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BUCAL returns for the fourth season

By Jonathan Noble

The Bicol Universities and Colleges Athletic Leagues (BUCAL) have begun to roll out their plans to return to collegiate sports for a fourth season on October 8 amidst the new norm of COVID-19.

According to an interview with BUCAL President Mario C. Villanueva, “Sports, in one form or another, will continue as it helps in the physical and emotional well-being of an individual, whether as an athlete or spectator.” In light of this, he also mentions the precautions that the league will take to ensure that the sporting events planned for this season would be safe for both the athletes participating and the spectators who wish to watch the events live.

Part of the health and safety protocols that BUCAL will enforce is encouraging the participants to be fully vaccinated and have at least one booster shot, as well as providing masks for crowds that hope to watch the event live. These procedures echo the protocols that the DOH, CHED, and the City Government of Naga throughout their efforts to lessen the cases of COVID-19.

One fan expressed excitement for BUCAL’s return, stating, “Youth and collegiate sports are important to the college experience. To be able to experience it once again after so long is a good change of pace.” Even after a break of two years, the competitive nature of students is still there. Mr. Villanueva states, “As always collegiate basketball has always been competitive. It's a school's pride. Win or lose, students give their full support. Every team will give their best.”

BUCAL Season 4 is expected to return this October 8 and will run through every weekend until December at the AdNU Gym and the UNC Sports Palace. In the meantime, pre-season games are in full swing to test the waters and gather excitement for the total return of the league.


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