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Camarines Soaring Eagles beats Negros Kingsmen

By Zyra Ponce

DESPITE of the unbeaten run of Negros Kingsmen, the Camarines Soaring Eagle sees no excuse to streak a loss to Negros’ perfect match run with 12-9 score win in round 10 of the pre-season chess tourney of the Professional Chess Association of the Philippines (PCAP) on Feb. 3.

The Camarines Soaring Eagles stops the pace of Negros’ Kingsmen in notching the top spot on the pre-season chess tourney of Professional Chess Association of the Philippines (PCAP), the very first professional chess league in the Philippines and in the world.

“In the first event in the southern division, we lose only 1 from Iloilo Kesila Knights, in our last fight last Feb. 3, we defeated the reigning perfect score Team Negros”, Engr. Joel Buenaventura, team owner and manager of Camarines Soaring Eagles, said.

The decisive wins were scored by top rated players of the team including the number one chess player in the country, Grandmaster Mark Paragua, three-time Private Schools Athletic Association (PRISAA) champion of Bicol Women’s Ezraline Alvarez, and best non-title players Ellan Asuela and national player Ronald Llavanes, respectively.

The competition is very exciting and it showcases our best chess players in the country. It will help them achieve their goal in the world stage, Buenaventura said.

According to Buenaventura, PCAP’s mission is to give millions of Filipino chess enthusiasts the opportunity to hone and showcase their skills, and promote the love of the game.

There are 24 commercial chess clubs from all over the country that joined the chess tournament.

Buenaventura called on the provincial governments of the Camarines provinces to support the members of the local chess team as the Camarines Soaring Eagles has a big chance of clinching the championship in the chess tourney.


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