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City to intensify traffic management

By Ana-Liza Macatangay

NAGA CITY---As face-to-face resume and more business establishments now operating in full swing, Executive Director Renne Gumba of LGU Naga’s Public Safety Office (PSO) sees more incidents of traffic congestions, especially when the city conducts significant events that need to occupy the streets in Central Business District I and II.

Gumba informed the Philippine Information Agency (Camarines Sur) that his office is now ready to implement new approaches to alleviate traffic congestions.

“We have all the support of the LGU through Mayor Nelson Legacion, especially in the planned operations of the command center that is to be equipped with CCTVs. Right now, we have an ongoing installation of CCTVs in different strategic parts of the city. We are through with the command modules and the switch data boxes, so hopefully, in the next few months we can expect a lesser incidents of traffic jams,” he said.

Gumba said that an initial funding of P5-M was allocated for the operation of the command center. In terms of personnel deployment, he said that the briefing and debriefing of PSO men are being done 3 times in each day which allow the PSO to handle well the traffic director, security, and enforcement work.

In terms of personal deployment, Gumba said “the briefing and debriefing of our PSO personnel are done every 6am, 2pm, and 10 pm so there are 3 times in each day that the personnel take turns in shifts in 3 areas which are traffic direction, security, and enforcement work.”

He also said that there is an ongoing personnel enhancement series from values formation, costumer relations, and skills training.

Gumba also said that they are working closely with the Naga City Police Office (NCPO) and other enforcement agencies particularly, members of the Peace and Order Council (NCPOC) of the city as they continue to strengthen the working relations with all the other agencies and offices in the city.

He also reminded the public to take cognizance of the role and authority bestowed upon the deputized agents whose course of actions are based on the ordinances and the deputation orders that they have received from national agencies.

“The Naga City PSO is working continuously and we hope that the work of our personnel will be complemented with training and technology interventions that the city is developing,” Mr. Gumba said. (With reports from Raiza Mae Tapar and AJ Nicole Tapar, USI interns-PIA5/Camarines Sur)


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