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City urges for establishment of new congressional district

By Jason B. Neola

THE Sangguniang Panlungsod of the City of Naga adopted a resolution requesting Camarines Sur’s 3rd district Rep. Gabriel H. Bordado Jr. to initiate the filing of a bill that will pave the way for the establishment of a lone legislative district for the city.

On joint and collective motion, the city councilors emphasized in Resolution No. 2023-268, which was adopted on May 23, this year, that the declaration of a lone legislative district will encourage more investors in the city that shall give flesh to the mandate of the Philippine Constitution.

Section 20, Article II of the 1987 Philippine Constitution ruled that: “The State recognizes the indispensable role of the private sector, encourages private enterprises, and provides incentives to needed investments.”

“As a fast growing city, Naga City sees an increase in the number of investors with privately-driven investments that are projected to boost the city economy in this part of the country,” a provision in the resolution said.

The city councilors expressed their belief that with the establishment of a new congressional district for Naga such provision in the fundamental law will appropriately be met as the city shall achieve a stronger capability to actively encourage, promote, induce, and accelerate a sound and balanced industrial, economic, and social development that will provide jobs to its people, especially those in marginalized sector, increase their productivity and family income.

Resource-wise, the plan to separate the city from the third congressional district comes as a welcome development also for the remaining local government units that will enjoy the government’s various assistance and services, programs and projects being coursed through the district office of Representative Gabriel Bordado Jr. considering that the city will have its own lone district representative.

In a brief statement issued by Rep. Bordado to the Bicol Mail, he said that: “I fully support the move for the establishment of a lone congressional district for the City of Naga. The problem, however, is the population requirement. We have yet to breach the 250,000 limit.”

As per Article 6 of the constitution, the requisites for creation of a legislative district are as follows:

  • Should comprise territories that are practicably contiguous, compact and adjacent.

  • Contiguous territory of at least 2,000 square kilometres, as certified by the Lands Management Bureau, and;

  • A population of at least 250,000 inhabitants as certified by the National Statistics office.

City Councilor Joselito S.A. Del Rosario said that aside from the third condition, the city finds no problem with the first two requisites stated in the Constitution.

He expressed hope, however, that by the time the Congress is about to deliberate on the proposed bill the city has already met the required number of inhabitants.

Naga’s population as determined by 2020 Census was 209,170.


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