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Congratulations, Batch 2022!

Nurturing Future-ready Graduates

Among the most powerful aspirations of the University of Nueva Caceres is to produce future-ready graduates. We are committed to cultivating these UNCean graduate attributes: (1) excellent communicator, (2) creative leader, (3) ethical citizen, and (4) lifelong learner. UNCeans (ExCEL)!

As I put it:

Your character is at our core.

Your meaningful milestone is our mandate.

Your career competencies are our centerpiece.

Your curricular completion is our commitment.

Your best benefit is the brand we build.

University Recognition and Commencement Exercises

The UNC community salutes our 2022 Graduates and Awardees for manifesting mettle, demonstrating dedication, exhibiting excellence, and resonating resilience. Hon. Maria Leonor G. Robredo, the then Vice President of the Republic of the Philippines, and UNC’s most outstanding alumna graced UNC’s 74th Recognition Ceremonies with her presence as the Guest Speaker on June 21, 2022, at the UNC Sports Palace. The 74th Commencement Exercises on June 23, 24, and 25, 2022, at the same venue bannered the theme – UNCean Graduates: Future and Life Ready, Creating Change, Advocating Peace.

During the four-day historic academic occasions of the University of Nueva Caceres, as an emcee, I was most honored to share the same stage with highly-esteemed keynote speakers: Mr. Denley Cyder A. Mirabueno, Senior Vice President, Risk Management – CITIBANK; Ms. Maria Jihan G. Sangil, President, Layertech Software Labs, Inc.; Atty. Alexander L. Lacson, Bestselling Author of Patriotic Books, and Hon. Maria Leonor G. Robredo, former Vice President of the Republic of the Philippines.

The Dream Team

The 74TH Recognition and Commencement Exercises of UNC are dedicated to the graduates and served as institutional presents for parents - wrapped in the workmanship of the people who painstakingly prepared and orchestrated the occasion and executed the details with precision - the Overall Graduation Committee, headed by the University Registrar, Dr. Felisa L. Sabaupan, assisted by co-chairs Prof. Aldrin A. Alcantara, Mr. Brian F. Nacianceno, Prof. Kim Francia C. Bigay, and Mr. Arturo A. Orante Jr., strongly supported by the tireless Graduation Working Committees like AMSCO’s technical team under Prof. Ruby L. Bandola.

Reflections of an M.C. and Reader

I have God Almighty to thank and glorify for making me an instrument and channel to be a voice on these occasions. Being a Master of Ceremonies (M.C.) and Reader during the college and graduate school Recognition and Commencement Exercises for the past four consecutive years has been a mighty sweet favor from the Lord. To have joined the journey in this special season, momentous moment, and heart-warming highlight in the academic year has been precious and priceless for me.

As a Master of Ceremonies and Reader, I have proudly called on the completers and hailed with honor the names of those who brim with hope and happiness, pride and joy – hundreds of them, from the first name down to the last. Mine has been one of the voices that tell the success story and triumphant testimony of those whose lives have been enriched with more prospects and possibilities. As this voice lingers and resonates in the huge space on behalf of the awardees and graduates… I shall not let the weariness weigh me down, or the fatigue fill me up, or small slips sweep me away.

I have been blessed with the humbling honor to witness the students’ achievement, carefully wrought with hard work, unspeakable sacrifices, tears, sweat, and self-discovery that paid off in what was symbolized by what they were about to receive, a diploma stating their degree. For the undergraduate and postgraduate level, years of labor and toil boil down to this major milestone that is special to all, matters most to many, and means the world to some. Looking their best, one after another, awardees and graduates ascend the stage and descend back to their seats to seize all the great things and promises this conquest embodies for them – being future-ready. To God be all the glory!

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