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CYOs to push for well-participated vax jab

By Jason B. Neola

The LGU Naga’s City Youth Officials (CYOs) have included in their general plan of action the campaign for a well-participated undertaking of city-wide immunization against coronavirus disease (Covid-19) 2019.

The activity, which is going to be held by way of an information-education campaign, is expected to raise the level of awareness of the city residents on the benefits of being inoculated against the virus and correct the myths about getting a Covid-19 vaccine jab.

Nursing student Kaye Pauline Servidad of the University of Nueva Caceres, the counterpart youth councilor of Councilor Dr. Sonny Rañola said they will be employing different media platforms in the plan to educate the people. “Covid-19 vaccination is really not that something to be feared of,” she said.

With emphasis on the importance of getting inoculated, Servidad said vaccination is really a help to boost our immune system. “It protects us against developing severe Covid-19 disease and dying from it. We may experience some mild side effects after getting vaccinated but they are only signs that our body is building protection, she said.

She explained that mild-to-moderate side effects from vaccines are normal as they are designed to give vaccinees the immunity without the dangers of getting the disease.

“Our immune system is instructing our body to react in certain ways: it increases blood flow so more immune cells can circulate, and it raises our body temperature in order to kill the virus,” Servidad said.

Saying that the planned information dissemination campaign cannot be conducted by personally visiting the city’s 27 barangays to avoid infection, the youth official considers the utilization of different media platforms e.g. the broadcast (radio and TV), print, and the social media to be able to reach a large number of people.

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