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Dilemma of a student

By Roselyn N. Poquita

Student life in school helps them start learning about everything. It is where they learn academic knowledge, manners, good behaviors, discipline, punctuality, and more. When they get the right education and guidance, they become well-mannered adults. The student life prepares them with responsibilities for the world outside. It establishes the foundation for a child’s growth and development of both character and knowledge. The student life teaches a child about regularity, obedience, sincerity, and forbearance. They learn what is good and what is bad to do. They understand social learning and improve their social skills from their peers. They also learn to respect the differences in other students while following their own norms and values. It is in the school where they learn a lot of things which will be of big help to them as they grow. Therefore every opportunity in the school must be a learning experience for them .

It feels good to be a student. Why? Student’s experiences are priceless. Attending school daily, mingling with school friends, having crushes at school and engaging oneself to naughty things makes student’s life exciting. But not all experiences are good there are certain problems that they encounter and these problems hinders their performance in school. These problems are brought about by their peers, environment and even their teachers. To cite some are the following; financial needs, lack of support from parents, bad choice of friends, poor study habits and even lack of trust to their teachers.

2020 was a bad year for most of us because of the pandemic which causes loss of job opportunities which eventually resulted to hardship in life in terms of financial aspect, and this also affected the educational system in the country. There are students who opted to stop studying and decided to help their families in earning a living. Students find it hard complying with the school requirements such as submission of projects, paying their tuition fees and other school contribution. They need to attend first with the needs of the family thereby setting aside their education. This is one of the problem a student might encounter. The situation wherein they wanted to study but they couldn’t. Yes, there is free basic education being given by the government but not to all expense and yet students are still obliged to spend for their education. This one of the a dilemma of a students that some are facing not all has the capacity to study in the school they wanted to, some have their own sacrifices just to make sure they will be able to continue their studies despite their economic status.

Lack of support from their parents is another problem a student might encounter. It is a sad reality that there are cases where it is their parents who tell them to stop studying or find a job instead. At their very young aged they are being obliged to take care of their younger siblings, they are tasked to do certain works at home which is actually not their obligation. These causes high drop-out cases in our schools nowadays. It is a dilemma on their part since they are forced to be absent most of the time in school though they didn’t want to. These leads to a very poor academic performance.

Bad choice or bad influence of friends. Students are friend seekers. They are after the feeling of belongingness in a group, that sometimes they tend to forget or disregards the consequences of their actions. What matters to them is the happiness they are gaining from their circle of friends. There are cases that some of the students are being influenced in a negative way. They engaged in drinking sessions which sometimes resulted to the used of abusive drugs. These affects their performance in school.

Poor study habit is another major problem of students, be it elementary, secondary and even college. They opt to spend their spare time in watching television, playing computer games, uploading photos on their face book and twitter accounts, manipulating different gadgets rather than reading their notes at home. Oftentimes they forgot or even worse don’t have interest on their home works and they do their reading only in the school. There is no retention as to what the teachers have taught them the past days because they are not interested to it. This is why we have a very low quality education. Even college students find it hard to speak nor write composition in English. There are students who are able to reach secondary despite the fact of being a non-reader. Why? Because the study habit has not been established during their early schooling. On the other hand, I might consider lack of trust to their teacher as one of the student’s problem. Some of the students are not being inspired by how the teacher delivers their lesson. They find it boring attending classroom instruction. They do not look upon their teachers as a model but a monster instead. They do not find enjoyment in school. Funny but it is a sad reality, that sometimes our teachers do not act the way they are supposed to. These instances do not encourage students to strive but makes them not interested to learn. Teachers plays a vital role on how the students sees and values education. We should not be a part of their dilemma. Teachers should inspire their students in their stay in the four corners of the classroom. We must make everyday a special they for them to strive harder and reach whatever goal they have in their life.

Problems are ingredients of life. It makes life more meaningful especially when one is able to surpass them. Student’s life is not that easy. You just need to have discipline and be able to set your goals in life and that is primarily to finish your education with flying colors.


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