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Discipline, Focus and Decisive Action

Current developments and reports regarding corona virus have reached scary proportions. It is about time everyone considers this scourge the attention it deserves if mankind is to survive. It is a reality we have to face every time we make decisions like going to work, which transport to take, going on vacation, attending important professional function; the fear of infection looms large and has somehow curtailed the freedom we use to enjoy in the conduct of our daily lives, pre-covid. While this writer is not an expert, it would seem that there is something we are not doing right or something we have not done to stem the tide of its transmission. We cannot trivialize its presence and effects nor bury our heads under the sand like an ostrich in denial. Afterall, this microscopic invisible enemy has practically sent the whole world down on its knees. The time to act has long passed us, and probably we have to take a double time to supplant further spread of the dreaded virus, otherwise we may not only be back to square one but find ourselves in more dire straits. Offhand, every able bodied Filipino should now realize that each of us must do our part in this regard. Because if we fail we may just be adding to the escalating statistics. Discipline is an imperative along with decisive and fast action if we want to make a headway in the management of these crises. This is also not a time for finger-pointing but a time for all sectors to collaborate with one another. The OCTA research should not be blamed for its projections. Neither should the business sector be criticised for worrying about the economic downtrend. Perhaps there is a need for the Department of Health to speed up implementation of its programs before everything is too late, or all is lost.

One last reminder: when we observe all protocols and conscientiously observe all efforts to protect ourselves from infection, we are doing so not only to protect ourselves, but more importantly to protect others.


Greetings to Rev. Fr. Gerome Pelagio who celebrated his birthday recently.

Congratulations also to the Virgin of Penafrancia Shrine Parish and the Naga Metropolitan Cathedral for having been declared Jubilarian Churches by his Holiness Pope Francis as per announcement made by the Office of the Archdiocese of Caceres.

Condolence to the respective families of the late Rev. Fr. Joaquin Bernas and my good friend Atty. Francisco “Packers” Macandog Jr. both of the Ateneo de Naga University high school batch ‘50 who passed away at age 88. Fr. Bernas is the elder brother of Atty. Justino Bernas while Packers is the elder brother of Antonio “Tony” Macandog of my batch mate in AdeNU high school batch ‘54. Parenthetically, Fr. Bernas was honored by the Senate by way of Senate Res. No.674 authored by no less than Senate President Vicente Sotto III which paid tribute to the life of the late constitutionalist who was part of the Constitutional Commission which drafted the 1987 Constitution. Reportedly Sotto further said that he remembers Bernas as humble, calm and has a strong sense of morals and legal ethics adding further Bernas was generous in sharing his knowledge to his students, his community and the entire nation.








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