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DOLE-WODP scholar graduates with honor

FUELED by his big dreams, Jarvis finished college with flying colors amidst the pandemic. What motivated him even more to excel in his studies is the scholarship grant he received from the Isabelo De Los Reyes under the auspices of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Bicol’s Workers’ Organization Development Program (WODP) through her parent’s workers’ organization, EDC BGPF Supervisory Employees Union (EBSEU).

At a young age, Jarvis knows what he wanted to become when he grows up. Jarvis would recall that he used to play pieces of Lego or toys and build them like buildings or any objects he could assemble out of those toys.

At the age of six, he already wanted to be an architect.

With strong determination, he completed his degree in Bachelor of Science in Architecture at the College of Architecture in the University of Sto. Tomas Manila as Magna Cum Laude on June 1, 2020.

His diploma, which sums up his accomplishments in five years of tertiary education, also carries with it the gratitude in his heart for those who supported his studies.

“I’m always thankful for my parents. It was difficult living so far away from them when I was studying. But to come home and finish my thesis and graduate with high honors made it all worth it.”

He also expressed his gratitude to DOLE WODP.

“In the two years that I have been receiving this grant, it has been undeniably a boon to my academic pursuits and struggle for excellence,” he said, adding that he felt secure in the fact that he has financial support from the program.

Jarvis narrated that during his 3rd year in college, her mother, a commercial analyst for 27 years at Energy Development Corporation at BACMAN Geothermal Plant availed of the scholarship grant.

WODP Scholarship is being granted to legitimate dependents of officers and members of locals/ chapters of independent labor federations and independent unions pursuant to Department Order 20-02 on the Supplemental Guideline in Accessing WODP funds. It also covers dependents of officers and members of women workers’ organizations and workers’ cooperatives.

He said that upon submission requirements to DOLE office, he was assessed and fortunately he qualified for the said scholarship grant given that his mother is a member of her company’s union.

The scholarship entitled Jarvis to a P29,000 per semester stipend covering book allowance, tuition and miscellaneous fees. The stipend was released to him, while the tuition was directly paid by DOLE to his school.

And with continued hard work and perseverance, Jarvis looks forward to further his studies abroad just like his professors and ultimately become an ASEAN architect.

DOLE Regional Director Ma. Zenaida A. Angara-Campita is grateful that DOLE’s scholars like him gives honor to the government by excelling in their studies.

“Congratulations to you, Jarvis. It is our pride and honor to have produced scholars like you who are successful in their studies and have graduated with honor. You are an inspiration to future WODP scholars,” Campita said.

Meanwhile, when asked about a piece of advice that he can give to students who are pursuing their dreams, he shared: “Don’t settle for less, aim high. You may not be able to reach your ultimate goal but surely will be gratified of how far you have accomplished pursuing it.”

“While studying, don’t forget to enjoy life, not all great lessons can be learned within the four corners of a classroom or online. This pandemic has brought a lot of restrictions and realization. It may be a cliche we usually hear but let us live one day at a time. Enjoy what it offers us. Still, the greatest teacher of all times is experience.”


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