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Echoing Easel Excellence

Last week, the Holy Spirit inspired me to write about Vincent Van Gogh. And, on my way to church I saw a man who turned out to be a co-artist-- a painter. He was arranging a couple of easels. So, I had a chit chat with him.

Apparently, he was preparing for a class for young children. He teaches people how to paint. He even invited me inside his studio. And, you know what painting I saw? An original painting done by a child that is a copy of one of Van Gogh’s paintings. I was astonished.

On my way back home, they were still there, Maestro BongCab and his assistants were still busy with the preparations. If you have a child who was fond of drawing on your walls when he or she was a toddler, this kind of endeavor is best suited for him/her. Maestro BongCab even told me that even for those who do not have a knack for painting can be trained how to paint.

True enough, basing from the array of sample masterpieces of the students, they became certified painters. Yes, before finishing the course students undergo examinations. Imagine, they could paint artworks inspired by masters like Vincent Van Gogh etc.

So, if you are interested, you may reserve a spot now in the upcoming classes dubbed as Maestro BongCab’s Summer Arts Workshop beginning the first day of June until the 30th of the same month of this year, 2024. You may contact them at 0951 860 5225. Their art school is located along Jacob Street midway of Universidad de Santa Isabel and Naga Central Elementary School. The rate is affordable.

Admittedly, I myself wrote on the cabinet door in our bedroom back when I was in grade school. Later on, my father gifted me with coloring books when he came back home from Manila. Yes, I guess one of the best solutions for creative children who write and draw on walls as mentioned earlier is to give them a canvas, crayolas, watercolors, paint brushes etc. For sure, the walls will no longer be their canvas.

Maybe, in the future though they can do murals. Instead of getting stuck or glued to devices this summer, why not let them step into a world of creativity and imagination. It would be a worthwhile activity to let the summer days pass.

I have a nephew who has a talent in this field. He is now pursuing a career in animation. This also would help children who would like to pursue careers in Architecture, Interior Design, Movie Production, Website Development and other plethora of artistic fields.

But, for those who have talent in painting and would like to be true-blooded painters, this is it. There is nowhere else to go but have master classes with the Maestro. Paintings could sell plenty of cash.

As for myself, the exhilarating feeling of expression is in itself fulfilling enough. When I see the finished painting there is also a feeling of accomplishment. I do not know but somehow it is in our very soul that we have an intrinsic instinct to be like our Creator. To mimic nature, the splendor of His creation.

Yes, only the Good Lord Jesus Christ could make the sun, the moon, and the stars, but those celestial bodies are inspirations of numerous painters Van Gogh included. Who among you is familiar with Van Gogh’s piece Starry Starry Night? It is truly iconic and inspiring.

When you examine Vincent’s work, you would feel what he felt when he painted that particular painting. If he was sad, jubilant, bored, despondent, excited, optimistic, and other emotions and feelings: just by looking at them you would have the same sentiment. Van Gogh was able to express himself through art without the written and spoken word.

A picture is worth a thousand words, a painting is worth one’s soul. However, people who know the biography of Vincent always asked in the end-- if painting is good therapy, then why did he lose hope and chose to end his mission on Earth? Vincent wrote to his brother Theodore that painting helped him a lot in his recovery in the mental health facility.

He painted many paintings and did so almost every day. Doctors, theorized that when he was exposed to the potent chemicals and other substances of the painting materials, those drove him to his own demise. Come to think of it, presently, young people get a high when they sniff rugby glue. It can even lead to addiction.

In the final analysis, how he left this world does not matter at all, what matter most are his artworks. His paintings are his essence. Those are his artistry, his contributions, his legacy, his life, and his saving grace. He shared his talent, more importantly he shared his heart, and most significantly he shared his soul. The beauty of his artistry led to redemption in the afterword of his inspiring soulful story. Amen.

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