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EDITORIAL: Climate Change, and Men of Science and Impeccable Credibility

Bicol region has been hit by rains and sunshine for almost one month now. The weather is cold and windy. The environment is not conducive for business, leisure and even study for our children who are constantly bothered by official announcements of class disruptions following heavy downpours.

The issue is not how to stop or tame the weather for it is generally known that it is the effect of climate change happening everywhere. Nature is taking action against man’s wanton destruction of the environment, the earth, the seas, and the air. This fact has been used as an excuse for the government’s helplessness in addressing the national effect of climate change.

However, it is not on nature’s anger, because no man can fathom the mind of the omnipotent. It is not even on need to mitigate the effect of seasonal calamities, because they happen abruptly, and anywhere. It is not on how to alleviate the sufferings of people because our government resources may not be enough to answer and sustain post-crisis physical and socio-economic rehabilitation. This assurance may come from the physical infrastructure of buildings or access roads, transport, power, relief of foods, commodities, or money. These are not enough.

PHILIPPINES MUST JOIN THE UN’S EARLY WARNINGS FOR ALL INITIATIVE in order to learn from international experts and share their scientific expertise because what the people need today is a feeling of security for our families, especially for the most vulnerable sectors. We need to think ahead and prepare for any kind of calamity: storms, typhoons, floods, tremors, and other acts of nature. The government must provide assurance of safety and security from these kinds of occurrences.

WE NEED MEN OF SCIENCE, EDUCATION, AND EXPERIENCE TO HELP ANALYSE AND ADVICE THE POPULATION WITH SUPERB CREDIBILITY on the real situation of the weather, shorelines, and the change of seasons. We need MEN WITH IMPECCABLE CREDIBILITY in the weather bureau, with the theoretical and practical knowledge and skill in analyzing the wind, clouds, and heavens WITH SINCERE AND UNWAVERING DEDICATION TO HELP MANKIND. We need men with an unadulterated mission to help us through correct analysis and prediction of weather and seasons brought about by global climate change. We need these men to calm down our nerves and to whom policymakers and weather authorities will put their trust and follow their advice.

We might have the most sophisticated application tools or scientific equipment but they are not enough especially if acquired through a politically-influenced and bureaucratic procurement system.


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