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EDITORIAL: Enough of Lunacy

The threats of charges and counter charges foisted by contending political camps should be viewed as a welcome development. One side (Villafuerte group) has made it known that libel suits would be lodged against personalities identified with the so called Anduyog Group led by former 1st District Representative Rolando Andaya Jr.

On the other hand those claiming to be waging a fight against the alleged abusive and corrupt team Cam Sur, have filed or intend to file charges of corruption and grave abuse of authority and discretion.

For months mainstream and social media have been flooded with black propaganda employed by those obviously operating as attack dogs of each other’s camp. It is high time that the political atmosphere in Camarines Sur particularly be placed at more decent platforms, instead of dishing out nothing but vulgarities leading to nowhere but a more confused and disturbed community.

To some the spectacle is at the moment entertaining. But there comes a point when decency and sobriety must prevail. Such black propaganda employing dirty languages has no place in a society supposed to be led by rational beings, unless their only purpose is to sow chaos and confusion.

That is why the decision of opposing parties to avail of legal remedies and somehow put a break to a senseless propaganda war is very much welcome. The people deserve a well needed sense of decency from among those claiming to be their leaders.

At long last the right path has been rediscovered. Along this line, those charged with the administration of justice have the moral responsibility to promote orderliness and rationality.

It is in this sensitive situation when those vested with power and responsibility need to assert independence and refrain from being partisan.

There is that popular perception that some of those wearing the judicial robe found their way into the bench through varied connections and considerations, a sentiment that cannot be easily refuted. But given the time that has elapsed, those holding the gavels must have mustered enough sense of fair play and courage to assert their independence.

At this point in time, it will be relatively complicated to exercise judicial independence, aside from the fact that the pandemic still remains a major stumbling bloc for a more functional judiciary.

In the meantime, they can start by devising ways and means to make the wheels of justice grind. Most importantly judicial independence should not remain a mere lip service.

They should not forget that judicial robes are not simply meant to be decorative.


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