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EDITORIAL: Nurturing the truth

In a digital age where information travels at the speed of light, the battle against disinformation and the promotion of facts has never been more critical. Since 2022, Rappler’s civic engagement arm, MovePH, has been unwaveringly dedicated to this cause, collaborating with over 100 Philippine organizations to debunk false claims and disinformation.

#FactsFirstPH has stood as a whole-of-nation effort, committed to swift and accurate information dissemination while countering hate and deception. It not only identifies purveyors of disinformation but also holds them accountable for the falsehoods they spread. It’s an initiative rooted in transparency and driven by a deep commitment to journalistic integrity.

Now, MovePH is taking its mission to a local level, and the spotlight falls on Naga City. On Friday and Saturday, November 10 and 11, 2023, this city will host a provincial roadshow that is set to make waves in the fight against disinformation. The driving force behind this strategic initiative is a remarkable collaboration between MovePH and Ateneo de Naga University (ADNU), ADNU’s Department of Media Studies, Media Studies Society, Ignatian Legal Apostolate Office (ILAO), The PILLARS Publication, and Naga City People’s Council (NCPC). This partnership is a shining example of how academia, civil society, and media can come together to combat the rampant spread of disinformation.

The main objective of this roadshow is to lay the foundation for a localized #FactsFirstPH campaign, encouraging safe and informed digital conversations on crucial social issues. Moreover, it aims to construct a broader, more sustainable network that champions factual information within local communities. The plan is not limited to Naga City; MovePH envisions replicating this roadshow in various other provinces, ensuring that the fight against disinformation reaches every corner of the Philippines.

The battle against disinformation is a cause that demands our collective vigilance and proactive engagement. The provincial roadshow initiated by Rappler’s MovePH, in collaboration with Ateneo de Naga University and several esteemed partners, marks a significant step forward in this ongoing fight for truth and transparency.

#FactsFirstPH is not just an initiative; it’s a commitment to the principles of accuracy, integrity, and responsible journalism in the digital age. As disinformation continues to threaten the foundations of our society, this local-level approach demonstrates the power of unity in combating falsehoods.

The opportunity to be a part of this endeavor is not one to be taken lightly. Together, we can pave the way for a safer and more informed digital environment.

This is a call to action, a call to fortify our society against the destructive forces of disinformation. It’s an invitation to make your voice heard, to equip yourself with knowledge, and to actively participate in the defense of truth.

The challenges posed by disinformation are real, but so is the determination of individuals and organizations to address them. As we eagerly anticipate your participation in this vital initiative, we must remember that together, we have the power to amplify factual information and foster a digital landscape where truth prevails.

Let’s seize this opportunity to make a real impact, not just for ourselves but for future generations. The battle for truth continues, and Naga City, with the support of all who participate, will stand as a beacon of hope in the relentless fight against disinformation.

Your voice matters, and together, we can amplify it to create a more informed, truthful, and accountable society. Thank you for joining us on this journey towards a brighter, more fact-based future.


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