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EDITORIAL: Spiraling Prices

The latest Pulse Asia survey conducted in September has shed light on the increasing disapproval among Filipinos regarding the Marcos government’s handling of inflation. The results reveal a significant shift in public sentiment since June, reflecting a growing concern over rising prices and the government’s response.

According to the survey, 56% of Filipinos disapprove of the government’s efforts to control inflation, while only 16% approve, leaving 28% undecided. This marks a substantial decline from the June survey, where 37% approved and 31% disapproved of the government’s response to inflation.

This shift in sentiment coincides with the government’s decision to impose price caps on rice, a move that drew criticism from economists and various sectoral groups. The surprise decision by President Ferdinand Marcos Jr., who also serves as the agriculture chief, appears to have intensified public skepticism about the government’s economic policies.

The survey also highlighted a decline in public approval on other key issues, including poverty reduction, workers’ pay, fighting corruption, job creation, and addressing hunger. Disapproval ratings for these issues have increased, with the most notable being the 19-percentage-point increase in disapproval regarding inflation control.

Furthermore, the survey revealed that an overwhelming 74% of respondents identified inflation as the most urgent national concern, surpassing the 63% figure from the June survey. This underscores the growing economic anxieties of the Filipino population and the increasing importance of effective measures to address rising prices.

In summary, the Pulse Asia survey paints a picture of mounting dissatisfaction with the government’s handling of inflation and its performance on key national issues. As the government grapples with economic challenges, it is clear that addressing the concerns of the Filipino people regarding inflation control is becoming increasingly vital for its public approval.


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