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EDITORIAL: What is Our Research Agenda for Policy Making and Development Planning?

Effectiveness of development policy is based on research, but researches must be anchored on a strategic research agenda. For at least the province of Camarines sur do we have a strategic vision that can be the source of a research program?

There are at least two critical sectors to study in the province that if examined may provide a road map for area development: 1) loan portfolio of banks and financial institutions, and 2) goods and commodity mix of leading malls and business enterprises, at least in Naga City.

What must be studied in the loan portfolios of our local banks and financial institutions?

The mix of loans will tell our policymakers where does our personal deposits and the banks’ financial resources go. What economic or industry sector is spending for what kind of investments. What our banks and financial institutions are providing loan assistance for: manufacturing? trading and merchandizing; construction; tourism; agriculture development, or industrialization. Knowledge of this will provide inputs to policy making and public investment support, and of course local governance.

What must be discovered in the research study on the mix of goods and commodities that are present and moving fast in the bins and display areas of our local malls in Naga City?

Data from this research will tell our policymakers what kind of goods or commodities are imported, from where, what are their volume, and how frequent they are imported. Research data will also reveal what goods and commodities are locally sourced, who are supplying them, and what volume are involved. What support can government or investment banks can provide to local producers, processors, and manufacturers. Economic policy in this area is useful and will definitely provide impetus to our local supplier and producers, and financiers.

Research studies must be the basis for policymaking and development planning. It must be a foundation in preparing strategic road map for our province. Development planning must not be driven by politics. It cannot be dictated by social issues only, but by the measure of economics demands, not be anchored on guess work, or must be dictated by external agencies who have their own agenda for us.

The only question is: Who are willing to sponsor the research study and provide the cost of the activity? What research group or academic institution of higher learning are capable, and will accept to do the job?


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