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Education’s crucial companion

By Nanette A. Nepomuceno

Camaligan Central School

Education is one of the most important aspirations of every individual to attain. People today are aware of the benefits of having good education. But then, in order to achieve such yearning, there are external entities that have greater impact for it to be realized. Stakeholders are one of such entities.

Stakeholder refers to a person who has an interest or concern in the organization at hand. In terms of education, a stakeholder is someone who has a vested interest in the success and welfare of a school or educational system (Lisa Roundy, There are lots of people, even institutions who have personal, professional, civic, or financial interest or concern for the improvement of our education.

However, among the stakeholders, who has a direct and greater impact for the good education of our young learners? Who is the significant partner of our educators to achieve its goal for the children?

I believe that parents have the most pivotal role to the learner’s education. Parents are the first and continuing educators of their children (http://www. The parents have a keen interest in the type of education provided for their children. They are the benefactor, supporter, and decision maker in the quality of education that the pupils will have.

I for one, as a teacher, can truly say the great importance of working hand and hand with the parents. The difficulties in class especially to the learners with special cases and needs can easily be addressed with the parents’ support. Some learners are left behind so they require extra attention and effort from the teachers and it should be done continuously at home.

I, for one, as a parent can see the value of communicating to the educators of my own offspring. Talking to the teachers gives me the opportunity to monitor, to be aware of my kid’s status, needs and circumstances. It provides me the chance to do something for the betterment of their education and situation which in effect prepares them to be successful in whatever endeavor they will engage in. The essential effects of the parent in the education and life of the learners are endless. Indeed, the education’s crucial partner is our learner’s parents.


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