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Eight more in 2024: MNWD to run 2 additional water pumps in Q1 of ‘23

By Jason B. Neola

A new water pumping station in Sitio Caromatig in Barangay Carolina, here, will be the recent to operationalize by the Metro Naga Water District (MNWD) as the firm continuously pursue its plan to better its services.

The Carolina 4 pumping station, of which the test runs began last week, is expected to become fully operational by the first quarter of 2023 along with the one partially undertaken by the previous MNWD management in Barangay Carangcang in Magarao town.

The water pump can yield 30 to 45 litters of water per second while the works on the unfinished Carangcang water station, which the former management failed to prioritize the completion, will resume this month of November.

MNWD General Manager Florencio Mongoso Jr. said that the 2 pump stations are not included in his list of eight additional water pumps which are expected to run next year and before the end of 2024.

Coming next to the Carangcang project in Magarao is the underground piping that will start from that barangay to the nearby Canaman town to give way to the setting up of additional pumps in that municipality.

Mongoso was the manager of the LGU Naga’s Metro PESO before he was appointed general manager of the beleaguered water district on the strength of secondment contract. He is expected to bow out of office when the contract expires in December, this year, unless he decides to renew his contract or requested by the MNWD Board to stay for a longer time.

It is hoped that under his watch, the firm, which is a government owned and controlled corporation, will not only be spared from continuous losses but will have the chance to bring back its glory days.

Mongoso gladly informed this paper that they were able to lessen in September, this year, the water district’s losses to P30,000. He said the MNWD suffered deficits in the amount of P1, 430,000.00 monthly from January to August, 2022 or a total of P11, 480,000.00.


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