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Free modules for teaching Bikol lit

By Doods M. Santos

Free modules for teaching Bikol literature are now available for interested teachers of Literature, Filipino, Music, and the Humanities, whether for blended, hybrid, or face-to-face classes.

Available are alternative learning materials for Sari Saysay’s eco-play, “Mga Aninipot sa Tahaw kan Salog” from his book Rarom, Rayo (2018); “Ginutaang Puso nin Batag,” from Ma. Leny E. Felix’s Rekado asin Rekwerdo (2019), the first ever book on food creative nonfiction written in Bikol; and the contemporary rap “Buhay Paralawod” by Trykz of Balatan, Camarines Sur.

Worksheets for teaching Mother Tongue in Grade 2 are also provided for the children’s book Kakanon an Hardin (2021) by Lorie Santos with illustrations by Jimple Borlagdan.

Featured also are a module on a short film, Vic Nierva’s “Sayaw sa Butal,” a finalist in the Quezon City Film Festival, and another on National Artist Lino Brocka’s classic feature film “Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Kulang.” Brocka has roots in Sorsogon.

The modules are alternative learning materials for a project entitled Maliw 2, with funding from the National Commission on Culture and the Arts (NCCA). Marifa Borja-Prado of the Ateneo de Naga University serves as Project Director and module writer. In addition, the materials are available on Google Classroom for those who would like to register as students.

The first set of modules for Maliw Part 1 is likewise available for free. The online lessons are on four poems: “Sawa sa Poste 86” by Elbert Baeta, “Gaha sa Impyerno” by Estelito Jacob, “Komprada Katedral” by the late Carlos Arejola, and “[Des]aparecidos” by Vic Nierva. There is one module on a short story, Marissa Reorizo-Redburn’s “Abaniko” and another on Si Elias asin an Salog Naga, an award-winning children’s book by Lorie Santos.

Interested teachers may message the Facebook pages of Pagsurat Bikol and Kabulig-Bikol, Inc. to request copies of the modules.


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