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Governor Lagman bares 5-point economic agenda

By Jun de Leoz

ALBAY Governor Edcel Grex Lagman bared his 5-point economic agenda during the Provincial Development Full Council Meeting held last Friday, March 10, 2024 at the Sangguniang Panlalawigan Hall with representatives from the three cities and 15 municipalities of the province in attendance.

Based on his presentation, his 5-point agenda can be summarized as 5Ps which stands for:

1. Provision of Quality Health Services

2. Production Enhancement and Food Security

3. Protection of People’s Welfare and Social Security

4. Promotion of Tourism

5. Push-button Governance or Digitalization

ALBAY Governor Grex Lagman hands over the province’s token of appreciation to Ligao City Mayor Fernando Gonzalez for his participation in the Provincial Development Full Council Meeting. GGL PHOTO

Under his administration, appropriate programs for health including will be adopted and making all province-owned hospitals fully functional will be its top most priority while appropriate programs for agricultural modernization and production enhancement will be undertaken to ensure food security within the province.

Lagman also calls for the protection of people’s welfare and their social security by ensuring that laws protecting them are fully implemented and applied while appropriate social amelioration programs are adequately given.

Acknowledging Albay’s tourism potentials, Lagman outlines its promotion as a core program to spur economic activities in the province not only in terms of revenue generations but as well as providing jobs and economic opportunities for the Albayanos.

On the other hand, Lagman recognized technology as a vehicle for good governance and efficient delivery of service hence envisioned a digitalized governance to make available service to the Albayanos at the flick of their fingers or on a push-button basis.

Early on, Lagman has addressed another P or the power problem of Albay resulting in lower electricity cost and less brown outs.

According to Lagman, efforts of the provincial government will be focused on these 5-point economic agenda to uplift the well-being of the Albayanos.

He issued his call to all heads of the LGUs to align their respective programs to the 5-point agenda so that they will triumph in their shared vision for Albay and render effective service to the Albayanos.

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