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Hog raisers form alliance to settle issues in industry

By Sonny Malate

SAN JOSE, Camarines Sur --- Hog raisers in this municipality have joined forces to address certain issues confronting the swine industry amid the economic slump brought about by the pandemic.

Aside from the escalating prices on feeds, the increasing cost of production and the threat of the African Swine Fever (ASF), Glodoviza noted that the most pressing setback confronting the 70 members of their group is the unreasonable price of fatteners.

Rayson P. Glodoviza, president of the Backyard Hog Raisers and Breeders Union of San Jose, Inc., said that they initiated talks with other hog growers in neighboring towns to share their sentiments and to further invite them to organize a federation of hog raisers in Partido.

The course of action aims to provide the hog raisers with strong voice on significant issues and concerns that are beneficial to the sector.

The groups of hog raisers in Goa and Tinambac are now registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Soon to follow are the group of livestock growers in the municipalities of Lagonoy, Tigaon and Ocampo. The move is a prelude to the finalization of their plan to organize said groups into a federation.

As a hog raiser himself, Glodoviza said that a single head of fattener has at least P14, 175.00 production cost to attain the desired live weight to be able to generate an equitable net profit if bought after three or three and a half months at a fair farm gate price.

Glodoviza lamented that the Department of Agriculture and Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) could not help to address the issue on prices as the 2 government agencies said the matter is no longer within their mandate.

A hog raiser tending his swine growing venture as he hopes to get a fair net profit by way of a stable and reasonable farm gate price of hogs in Partido area.

To address the situation, the local hog growers sought the assistance of San Jose Mayor Jerold B. Peña and the town’s Sangguniang Bayan. Accordingly, the local legislative body passed Municipal Ordinance No. 1, series of 2022, creating the San Jose Price Monitoring Council (SJPMC).

This body shall coordinate and rationalize the programs of government agencies which have the mandate to stabilize prices and supply of live hogs/swine, pork products, and prime commodities.

Further, SJPMC shall conduct in-depth analysis that will help them to determine the causes of price fluctuations, identify businesses engage in profiteering, hoarding and other unscrupulous practices, and study the possibility of enforcing sanctions against erring businessmen and/or individuals.

To top it all, a Task Force shall be organized also to conduct regular monitoring of prices within the municipality.

The Backyard Hog Raisers and Breeders Union of San Jose, Inc. is now doing a detailed research on updated actual operational expenses on hog raising. In time, survey results shall be submitted to the Sangguniang Bayan which will be used as guide in taking prompt actions on matters related thereto.

With the support, assurances and positive actions obtained the hog raisers were inspired to pursue their plan to establish collaborative efforts with other groups as part of the overarching objective to advance the common interests and needs of those in the hog industry.

Glodoviza and his colleagues said that they are urging members of the hog raiser associations in the neighboring towns to convince their local officials to enact an ordinance creating a price monitoring council.


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