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Isko ex-backers: Urging Leni to withdraw unleash a Marcos ally

By Mavic Conde

Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso’s remark against Vice President Leni Robredo, his rival for the 2022 presidential bid, urging her to withdraw from the race has backfired.

Isko’s remark disappointed former officials and members of Aksyon Demokratiko, who withdrew their support for him and are now supporting the presidential bid of Robredo.

“Everybody knows, except probably the three of you, that we needed a unified opposition to beat Marcos. Unwittingly, with your rhetoric, you have become the greatest allies of Marcos in this election,” the written statement of former Isko supporters from Ikaw Muna (IM) Pilipinas reads.

They also asked in the statement why Isko, alongside fellow presidential candidates Senator Ping Lacson and former government official Norberto Gonzales had to take the “road of vindictive machismo attacking her with no way to defend herself.”

The statement also mentioned the names of other Isko supporters who are now for Robredo, including retired general Renato Boy Miranda who headed the PNP officers for Isko, former DoTr Usec. Raoul Creencia, founder of NAISKO, the umbrella organization of Isko volunteers, lawyer George Habacon of Rizaleno para kay Isko, to name a few.

The ex-Isko supporters stressed in the statement that Robredo is the best bet, especially that “her survey numbers were surging exponentially despite the overwhelming strength of the United administration- backed bets,” thanks in part to “her brigade of passionate volunteers” that helped intensified her presidential campaign.

Prior to the press conference at a Makati City hotel, IM Pilipinas Visayas chapter has shifted their support from Isko to Robredo because the latter has the chance to prevent a Marcos return to Malacañang.

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