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Lagman shifts focus on welfare of Albayanos

By Jun de Leoz

AFTER an arduous transition in his first two months in office focusing on administrative problems and management concerns, it can now be said that Albay Governor Edcel Grex Lagman has shifted his focus on the welfare of Albayanos by visiting far flung areas delivering much-needed help and touching base with his constituents.

Noticeably, in his first two months in office, Lagman addressed pressing administrative problems from re-organizing the main personnel of the provincial government to streamlining quarry operations including pressing matters such as the power problem of Albay.

His success in addressing the power problem of Albay was lauded by many, first by his efforts in averting a possible power crisis in December and now, as he promised early on, an obvious reduction in electricity cost in Albay from P18 per kilowatt hour before his assumption almost three months ago to P10 for the month of February.

GOV. Lagman (4th from left) talks with supporters during the medical mission initiated by the Provincial Government of Albay in Brgy. Cararayan in Tiwi, Albay even on a holiday.

With administrative and management concerns already settled, Lagman is now going out from the comfort of his office addressing basic needs of his constituents from health to education and even traffic management.

His recent indefatigable efforts to go around Albay to visit far flung areas distributing social pension to senior citizens and conducting medical and dental mission is now widely appreciated by many Albayanos who could not help but commend his industriousness and tireless actions.


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