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Lagman to make all Albay-owned hospitals fully functional

By Jun de Leoz

With Albayanos lamenting the state of public health service delivery in the province since time immemorial, Albay Governor Edcel Grex Lagman posted in his FB account last Monday that he is 100% committed in making all hospitals owned and operated by the Provincial Government of Albay to be fully-functioning and well-managed hospitals within the year.

The past decades, Albayanos complaint about ill-equipped and poorly-manned province-owned medical facilities that can barely accommodate the growing need of those requiring medical attention.

The predicament of these facilities can be gleaned from the recent visit of Lagman to the Cagraray District Hospital and found out that it has no generator for medical emergencies, water source to maintain its sanitation, lack of medical equipment and supplies including poor management upon discovering that out of the 64 personnel of said facility only 5 were logged in the attendance sheet.

GOVERNOR Lagman (center) stresses some points in a meeting with officials of the Bicol Regional Training and Teaching Hospital. (GEGL photo)

Right there and then, Lagman loaned a personal generator set to the hospital until such time that the province can purchase a permanent one for their use.

He also promised to address all the shortcomings of the hospital to make it fully responsive to the needs of its serviced-community.

In his FB post, Lagman parlayed a picture of his meeting with officials of the Bicol Regional Training and Teaching Hospital while conceding that the biggest challenge faced by the Albayanos is having the assurance that the delivery of public health service in Albay is real and efficient.


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