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LANDBANK offers aid in BTR's Retail Dollar Bonds investment

The Land Bank of the Philippines (LANDBANK) presents more convenient investment channels for the public to participate in the Bureau of the Treasury’s (BTr) first-ever Retail Dollar Bond (RDB) offering in the country.

Launched on 15 September 2021, the RDBs are United States (US) dollar-denominated bonds that allow retail investors to mobilize and grow their savings while helping fund the National Government’s recovery and resiliency programs.

The RDBs—available at a minimum investment of US$300 and increments of US$100 thereafter—can be purchased using either US dollar or Philippine peso accounts. For the latter, LANDBANK will facilitate the currency conversion of peso to US dollar to access the bonds, including the interest and principal payments.

For the first time, interested investors can use the LANDBANK Mobile Banking App (MBA) to purchase the RDBs and complete the transaction in as fast as five minutes, even less.

This feature is also available in the Mobile Banking App of the Overseas Filipino Bank (OFBank), the official digital bank of the Philippine government and a subsidiary of LANDBANK.

Investors can also make online placements for the RDBs through the BTr Online Ordering Platform and settle the payments via the LANDBANK Link.BizPortal online payment facility. Over-the-counter placements are also accepted in all LANDBANK branches nationwide.

“We are inviting the investing public to support the BTr’s Retail Dollar Bonds offering to expand their portfolio and contribute directly to the government’s recovery and development agenda. Through LANDBANK’s online investment channels, individual investors worldwide can invest safely and conveniently in these bonds that offer relatively higher returns,” said LANDBANK President and CEO Cecilia C. Borromeo.

LANDBANK serves as the Joint Lead Issue Manager for the RDB issuance, as part of its continued support to advancing greater financial inclusion and boosting the state’s resources to fund various recovery and development projects.


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