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Legazpi Covid-19 online jab enrollment

By Connie Calipay

THE Legazpi City’s Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF) chairman Mayor Noel Rosal is inviting every qualified resident of Legazpi City to get vaccinated for anti-coronavirus disease (Covid-19) vaccine even as the city’s electronic immunization registration continues.

Rosal in an interview on Tuesday, May 18, said “to those who now decide to be vaccinated, we have now four cellphone numbers that you can call or text for the confirmation of your message.

Rosal said the contact numbers to be texted by those individuals who belong to the priority group (A1, A2 o A3) GLOBE : 0966 876 9598; GLOBE : 0966 876 9588; SMART : 0947 860 8617; SMART : 0947 861 1186.

Rosal also assured that somebody will reply and will contact the Legazpi City Covid-19 Electronic Immunization Registry for final confirmation.

Recently, hundreds of senior citizens under the A2 priority group had already been injected with Covid-19 vaccines.

Rosal said the vaccination of those aged 60 years old and above were conducted at the Legazpi City Convention Center, SM City Legazpi, Liberty Commercial Center (LCC) Main, and Pacific Mall from May 13 to 15.

“At least 560 senior citizens received the inoculation aside from the 421 last week,” he said.

The local IATF continued to remind the public to strictly follow public health standards, such as wearing face masks together with face shields, physical distancing of at least one meter, and placing foot dips or mats at entrances.

Mandatory contactless taking of body temperature, frequent hand hygiene, and setting up hand-washing stations must also be carried out.

“Disinfection of frequently touched surfaces should also be done regularly during the day or during breaks,” Rosal added.


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