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Legazpi secures P7-Mgrant for construction of new slaughterhouse

LEGAZPI CITY --- The Legazpi City government has been allotted PHP7 million grant by the national government’s Philippine Rural Development Program (PRDP) for the construction of a new slaughterhouse after the existing abattoir building has already been declared not safe for continuing occupancy caused by past floods, typhoons and earthquakes.

Dr. Emmanuel Estipona, chief of the City Veterinary Office (CVO), in an interview on Thursday said the project would be constructed within the 2,000-square meter lot owned by the city government in Barangay Pawa, near the foot-slope of Mayon Volcano.

Dr. Emmanuel Estipona, chief of Legazpi City Veterinary Office. (File photo)

Estipona said the project would be constructed with features resembling state-of-the-art or modern abattoirs as it would have cold storage and cutting plant, facilities that could ensure keeping the slaughtered animals away from contamination.

He said his office is now preparing the necessary documentation and other requirements by PRDP which is expected to release the grant next month.

“We need to immediately put up a new slaughterhouse building so that the needed slaughtering services would not be disrupted to ensure a sufficient supply of meat products in markets,” Estipona added.

He said the existing double “AA” abattoir had earned more than PHP17 million from slaughtering service fees, with an average of 80 to 100 animals a day slaughtered last year.

Estipona said his office regularly inspects and monitors all the meat shops in public markets, including meat vending stalls and groceries, to ensure the meat products being sold are safe for public consumption. (PNA)


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