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Life is a Canvas

As the leaf fell off of the branch of the Narra tree, it heralded the end of another season. Yet again. That is the order of Nature. The pile of leaves on the ground is food of the Earth. All the creeping creatures marched toward them to begin a new cycle. As the sun faded in the far distant horizon, obscured by the lightly dense cumulus clouds, we should like to hope that indeed better days are coming…

The cries of the poor are echoing in the depths of the ocean cascading in each wave that reach the shorelines of the seven thousand and more islands of a once great Republic. The Good Lord heard their pleas. Their prayers. Their fervent wishes. Gone are the days of the extravagance of the opulent. The crooked ways will be straightened. Their hearts are cradled in His sweet embrace.

The wise ruler will be chosen and the peaceful era had been written as prophesied and soon it shall be done.

Charisma has to have a matching character, otherwise all will crumble. The great leaders of great nations are testimonies of impeccable integrity. Their words are translated into actions and their people could feel the impact of a resounding renaissance or even a revolution. Lee Kuan Yew did just that and so did Mahatma Gandhi.

Each generation is unique. It has its own nuances and subtleties. Its own trials and challenges. No one is spared.

However, people now do not realize the many blessings that we have in our lives. Back in the day, people traveled by ships and could last for months. Now you can go to another continent by plane and arrive in a day or two.

You are even richer than a King in ancient times. His throne is no match to the modern throne you have in a powder room. Knowledge is free. With the advent of the digital age, you almost can do anything. You can fix a broken pipe, a gadget, a mechanical device, or even a chair. You can learn how to cook a new dish or speak another foreign language.

The sky is the limit. Dream the biggest dream you have, and you could be the start of something big. Enjoy life. It is not fleeting. It is not short. Fill your mind with experiences that you will cherish as memories in your twilight years.

You are your nation’s life. Your nation’s future. Your nation’s blood. And your nation’s steward.

As part of the older generation we pass the torch to your hand. Keep the flames alive.

I never blamed my ancestors for the life that I had been given. Whatever sins that they committed are buried with them in their graves. Perhaps,-- no --, definitely, what remain are the many lessons learned from errors which are understandably forgivable: human imperfections.

Life therefore is a canvas. A new canvas. It is up to you to create your contribution to History. For a development, a discovery, an invention, an idea, a breakthrough, a solution, and an improvement. Be a trailblazer. Be unique. Be you.

Writers are lighthouses in this so-called life, we keep emitting light to bring you safely home. Or for you to navigate your own ship’s route. You are made that way. Take it as an idea. The purpose of a ship is to sail across the seas and oceans.

But, when that day comes, the lighthouse will still bring you safely back to home where you can anchor in the harbor. And, your dream had come into fruition. Your mission accomplished.

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