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MEDIA LENTEN RECOLLECTION 2024: “Proclaiming the Truth with Joy this Lent”

By Antonette Eduardo

“Are we willing today to die for Jesus? Are we willing today to proclaim what He proclaims? To be a Christian means to embrace the cross of Jesus”, this was part of the message that Caceres Archbishop Rolando Tirona left to the participants of the Media Lenten Recollection, held last March 23, 2024 at Villa Caceres Hotel. Eighty-one participants joined the recollection which aimed to strengthen further the commitment of media practitioners to uphold the truth and spread joy, not just during this Lenten Season, but also in their day-to-day job of disseminating valuable information to the public.

Annually, since the year 1994, Caceres Commission on Communications (CCCom), in partnership with Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP) Camarines Sur Chapter, would organize a Media Lenten Recollection as a preparation for Holy Week. CCCom, headed by Bishop-Elect Luisito Occiano, and KBP Camarines Sur Chapter, headed by Chairman Ron Enon, once again organized the Media Lenten Recollection which was well-attended by KBP Members in Camarines Sur, CCCOM staff, and priests. The priests present were Fr. Roy Avin Raña, Fr. Francis Tordilla,  Fr. Conrad Flores and Fr. Roy Regaspi.

Fr. Regaspi shared a reflection on the bible verse Psalm 24 in relation to the topic “Media and Lent,” and further mentioned about the role of media in promoting social justice and peace. Fr. Regaspi also discussed about Jesus’s hours on the cross, giving emphasis on how gravely Jesus suffered on the cross in order to save humanity.

Bishop-elect Occiano encouraged attendees to use their platforms to inspire others and bring hope in times of despair through his reflection on the topic “To Proclaim Joyfully.” He further highlighted the seven C’s of communication – Content, Continuity, Clarity, Context, Channels, Credibility and Capability. “The purpose of life is far greater than yourself,” he added.

The event concluded with the Way of the Cross, followed by a Eucharistic celebration officiated by Fr. Francis Tordilla, rector of the Holy Rosary Minor Seminary.

The Media Lenten Recollection was a meaningful and spiritually-enriching experience for everyone who participated. It was a beautiful reminder of using one’s talents and platforms to proclaim the truth with joy this Lent and beyond.

A Media Lenten Recollection was held on March 23, 2024 at the Diana Hall of Villa Caceres Hotel. It was sponsored by Caceres Commission on Communications in partnership with Kapisanan ng mga Broadcasters ng Pilipinas (KBP) Camarines Sur Chapter and KBP Community Advisory Board. (Photo by Caceres Commission on Communications)


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