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MNWD asks LWUA to send groundwater study

By Paulo DS. Papa

The Metro Naga Water District is requesting the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) to send the water district with the results of the research on groundwater conducted in areas covered by its operations.

MNWD Acting General Manager Florencio Tam Mongoso said the study is very much needed in identifying the areas that have quality groundwater sources, perfect locations for water pump stations that the water firm will be installed this year and in 2024 to improve the supply of drinking water.

He admitted that several excavation attempts made by MNWD in certain locations proved futile after finding them later that their underground waters are not fit for human consumption. He said the approach is too costly for MNWD.

He said that unlike the MNWD and other local water districts, the LWUA has the capability to conduct research that assures successful excavations on identified location.

The Local Water Utilities Administration, more commonly referred to as LWUA, is a government-owned and controlled corporation (GOCC) with a specialized lending function mandated by law to promote and oversee the development of water supply systems in provincial cities and municipalities outside of Metropolitan Manila.

Meanwhile, Mongoso said that at present, ground water replenishment is dropped by 59 percent, an environmental problem now being felt even by other countries that may trigger worldwide crisis.

Because of that, President Marcos Jr. organized the Water Resources Management Office which is mandated to help his administration to help resolve the problem. The office is composed of different government agencies.

Mongoso said non-stop developments in deforested, diverted and cemented lands are among the factors why water replenishment capability reduces.

“Most of the land are concreted, especially in urban areas, a situation that makes rainwater to flow into drainages,” Mongoso said.


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