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MNWD: Elevating water supply amid pending rates

By Jason B. Neola

ESTABLISHING a path towards enhanced resilience and continual progress, Florencio Tam M. Mongoso Jr., the newly appointed general manager of Metro Naga Water District, emphasized the importance of establishing robust work standards for self-assessment.

He urged colleagues to explore the limits of their capabilities, highlighting the value of challenging oneself to discover untapped potential.

“It is truly rewarding to push our boundaries; we may uncover capabilities beyond the ordinary,” Mongoso asserted, championing a culture of self-discovery and excellence within the MNWD organization.

Mongoso took his oath of office as MNWD general manager on December 1, this year, coinciding with the firm’s 44th anniversary.

Mongoso sets sights on establishing a minimum of 10 new pumping stations next year, supplementing the three already operational this year.

Upon full functionality, the three stations are projected to yield an additional 100 litters of potable water per second for concessionaires’ consumption. MNWD’s expansion aligns with a concurrent modernization program, emphasizing the replacement and installation of distribution and transmission lines.

Addressing the upcoming water rates, Mongoso revealed that despite conducting public hearings and consultations where concessionaires from various municipalities granted approval, the Local Water Utilities Administration has yet to green-light the proposed rates.

SWORN IN Florencio Mongoso Jr. takes the oath of office as MNWD general manager during the year-end assessment on Friday, December 1, 2023. The ceremony, coinciding with the water district’s 44th anniversary, gathered MNWD personnel and the board of directors, including Chairman Gilbert Albero (not in photo), Dir. Mike Pauig (leftmost), Dir. Sarina Co (2nd from left) Dir. Leon “Chito” Palmiano, and Dir. Emeterio “Boy” Aman (8th and 9th from left) respectively. Photo also shows Mayor Nelson Legacion (3rd from left) Mongoso’s wife Wingy (5th from left) sons Engr. Kyle and Keat.

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