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Naga mayor urges businessmen to follow crematory firm’s CSR

By Jason B. Neola

Naga City Mayor Nelson Legacion on Monday, Feb. 22, has called on business owners to include in their list of corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects the beautification and development of areas near their workplaces.

Legacion urged businessmen to include the easement or the road right of way near their respective establishments in the beautification and cleanliness drive. “Let’s try to do it beyond the confines of our properties,” he said.

The idea was inspired by the CSR project of the Naga Imperial Crematory and Columbary (NICC) to beautify and conduct regular clean up of the muddy roadsides, sidewalks, and vacant lots fronting the NICC’s compound in Barangay Balatas, Naga City.

MOA SIGNING. Mayor Nelson Legacion (sitting, 2nd from left) confers with NICC Managing Director Benigno Angelo Imperial (sitting, 1st from left) during the signing of the memorandum of agreement on Feb. 22, 2021. Photo also shows NICC President Philip Imperial (at Legacion’s right) signing the document with Vice Mayor Cecilia V. De Asis while Councilors (from right to left) Joselito del Rosario, Antonio Beltran, Jose Perez, Vidal Castillo, Esteban Gregorio Abonal, and Ghiel Rosales look on. JBN/RAMIL HERRERA/CEPPIO

“The idea is consistent with the LGU’s vision of creating a self-reliant and caring city,” said the mayor who gave his approval to the NICC’s request in a memorandum of agreement entered into by and between the business establishment and the Naga City government.

The initiative of NICC is endorsed and encouraged by Punong Barangay Pedro San Juan of Barangay Balatas because such project supports the barangay’s objective for sanitation and environment protection.

The private company will also conduct activities that will lead to the reduction of the urban blight there, aside from keeping the area waste and mud free.

“The NICC is willing to shoulder the cost of such development including the landscaping,” Philip Imperial, NCCI president, said.

The agreement provides that once the project is completed, the NICC will maintain all the improvements that have been undertaken in the area including the management of the developed site to sustain its cleanliness and orderliness.

The agreement, however, requires the NICC to voluntary surrender the city government once the same is needed for public works and other similar purposes.


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