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Over P22.2-M illegal drugs seized in Bicol from August-October

By Connie Calipay

LEGAZPI CITY --- Three months of anti-drug operations have resulted in the seizure of P22.2-million worth of illegal drugs in the Bicol Region.

In a report on Monday, the Police Regional Office in Bicol (PRO5) said the operations resulted in the confiscation of 176.33 grams of marijuana and more than 3,055.652 grams of shabu.

“The effort to eradicate and win the war on drugs launched with 162 operations that resulted in the arrest of 21 high-value individuals and 148 street level individuals from August 3 to October 3, this year,” PRO5 spokesperson Lt. Col. Maria Luisa Caluabquib said.

Under the campaign against illegal gambling, there were 289 operations that resulted in the arrest of 781 persons and the seizure of P240,896.

On loose firearms, 39 were arrested, three died and 39 surrendered firearms, while 60 were seized during the operations.

In the campaign on illegal logging, 59 operations were launched, and 90 persons were arrested with P352,770 worth of lumber confiscated.

On illegal fishing, 100 operations were conducted with 307 arrested and P3.2 million worth of fish and paraphernalia seized.

The campaign against criminal gangs was also intensified with six arrested, seven surrendered, and one firearm seized.

In the continuous campaign against wanted persons, 19 were nabbed at the regional level, seven at the provincial level, 21 city level; 122 municipal level and 1,038 other wanted persons.


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