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ParSU grad tops Geologist licensure examination

By Paolo Gabriel D. Jamer

Patrick Henry G. Ludovice of the Partido State University (ParSU)) in Goa, Camarines Sur clinched the No. 1 spot in the December 2021 Geologist licensure examination, the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) announced on Dec. 29 last year.

A total of 79 examinees passed the board examination out of the 142 who took it. The national passing rate for this licensure exam is 55.63 percent as reported by the PRC.

Dr. Joni Neil B. Capucao, dean of ParSU College of Arts and Sciences, said that this is the first time in the university’s history that one of its graduates topped the Geologist board exam. “The current passing rate of the university this December 2021 is 33.33 percent having four out of the 12 examinees who passed,” he said.

According to Dr. Erlinda M. Basilla, ParSU vice president for Academic Affairs, Ludovice will receive a cash incentive and presidential recognition from his alma mater. She added that the state university’s Geology Department already produced graduates who landed in the 4th and 7th places of the Geologist board exam in 2014 and 2018, respectively.

Ludovice initially studied BS Pharmacy at the University of Santo Tomas-Legazpi, then he shifted to BS Geology at ParSU. His interest in Geology began when he wanted to understand volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and the movement of the natural world.

“College was not as smooth sailing as I thought it would be. Being away from home came with a lot of disadvantages and there were myriads of temptations and distractions,” Ludovice said. “ I was a spoiled brat that got my leash untethered. I had too much freedom and no direction. So I failed a lot of subjects.”

In 2019, he had his internship and that was when he realized his reason for studying geology with the help of his colleagues.

Ludovice’s preparation for his board examination was greatly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic but he said that the several postponements gave him more time to prepare for the exam.

After the result of the board exam was released, Ludovice already received various job offers. He said he has not decided yet which one to accept.


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