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Past and Future are Tense

They say you can\t go forward if you don’t look back. So, here goes.

Wasn’t it a great year? Haven’t you noticed? 2023 should go down in history books as one of the few if not the only year that Bicol did not experience a deluge of a disastrous typhoon that has usually caused a week or so of blackout that we all ignorantly curse CASURECO for not restoring power when we want to, along with damaged structures, lengthy suspension of school classes and other nuisances. The year ended without the usual strong typhoon that has almost become a Bicolano tradition. Instead, throughout the last year, we have sporadically had this weather condition which can’t seem to make up its mind up whether to rage with rain or let the sunshine in

Former Senator Leila de Lima is finally free. Vice President Duterte was denied of her confidential funds. The government has had a change of heart about dealings with the International Criminal court. Chinese seamen seem to be frustrated firemen who want to play with fire cannons so frequently. The West Philippine sea seems to have become the favorite playground of war games of military from different nations.

Who knew that GMA 7 would show an ABS-CBN produced program on one of their channels? Who would ever thought that parties would fight over the name, “Eat Bulaga” and the jingle, “Mula Aparri hanggang Jolo…”? Who would ever thought that the breakup of Cathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla would break the heart of the whole nation? Everyone seems to be taking a vacation in Japan.

That international scale of bullying that is the Russia-Ukraine war which continues to go on with bombings here and there has been overshadowed by the infuriating and revolting Israel-Hamas War which has become confusing as to which side is really committing injustice. Why is Donald Trump still amassing popular support despite conviction and all the legal accusations he has sunken himself in? US, EU, UK, Australia, Japan seem to be allying together; and so are Russia, china and Iran. I thought imperial invasions were stuff that I would only read on history books and watch on documentaries. As if, the wars were not enough, Houthi rebels want to be seen on the scene. I’m pretty sure that it’s just a matter of time before Japan gets up from the devastation of the recent earthquake. They’ll pull through just like they did through Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Fukushima.

So, what could happen this year? Is there some way that traffic around Naga could be lighter and smoother? Will the police or whichever investigating body solve the Roselle Bandojo case? We seem to be pushing that under the rug, forgetting that it could happen again. What would happen to the city’s political scene when opposition seem to be creeping at the barangay level? Do you notice that for the past months and even until now, there seems to be a considerable rise of incidents of people coughing, getting colds, falling into fever? Is it his unpredictable weather? This year, I have started to wear face mask again.

What will happen with this jeepney consolidation confusion? Will they leave the passengers with a few jeepneys to ride on if the operators don’t follow the scheme? There has been a blackout in Panay which lasted for days? Will something like that happen in some other part of the country? Did you notice that church attendees for the Feast of the Nazarene in Manila were required to wear masks? When would a kilogram of rice cost 20 pesos?

What would become of the whole South China Sea dispute? It’s just like we’re next-door neighbors casting evil glares at each other with no actual conflict or concord happening. Will it escalate or deflate? China doesn’t seem to want to risk international conflict. But then, they still don’t want to back out from bullying.

I hope Russia finally quits its questionable quarreling. But, Putin has to be taken out of the picture, and China and Iran have to withdraw their support. I hope that Gaza finally sees rest from retaliation. But other allies seem to be supporting in subtlety. I appeal to Americans to get rid of Donald Trump completely from the political scene. I hope that other extremists back off and not try to get international attention. Pray for the earthquake victims in Japan. They will recover from this. There will be peace. Yes, there will be peace.

1 Thessalonians 5:3 - “While people are saying, “Peace and safety,” destruction will come on them suddenly,…”

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