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PDEA clears 414 CamSur villages of illegal drugs

By Mark A. Gomez

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) in Camarines Sur announced that 414 barangays out of 1063 barangays in Camarines Sur were already cleared of illegal drug activities last year.

PDEA Camarines Sur chief Mark Anthony M. Viray said that the agency’s anti-drug operations resulted to the clearing of the 414 villages of illegal drugs and led to the arrest of a very significant number of drug personalities.

Viray said PDEA cleared 58 barangays of illegal drugs in the 1st District of the province, 86 in the 2nd District, 51 in the 3rd District, 141 in the 4th District, and 74 in the 5th District.

He said that in 1st District of Camarines Sur, they were able to clear: 6 barangays in Cabusao; Del Gallego (5); Lupi (21); Ragay (5); and Sipocot (15).

In the 2nd District, they cleared: 8 barangays in Gainza;Libmanan (38); Milaor (17); Minalabac (10);Pamplona (2); Pasacao (4); and San Fernando(7).

For the 3rd District, 8 barangays in Naga City were cleared; Bombon (4); Calabanga (4); Camaligan (3); Canaman (5); Magarao (14); Ocampo (2); and Pili (11).

In the 4th District, 25 barangays in Caramoan were cleared: Garchitorena (16);Goa (14); Lagonoy (22); Presentacion (6);Sagñay (19); San Jose (5); Siruma (10); Tigaon (7); and Tinambac (17).

For the Rinconada area or the 5th District, they managed to clear 17 barangays in Iriga City;Baao (13), Balatan (10), Bato (8); Buhi (5); Bula (13); and Nabua (18).

Viray said the remaining 530 villages in the province are still under monitoring, investigation and plans are being readied to neutralize and clear them of illegal drugs.

Some 56 barangays has no reported illegal drugs activity and 73 barangays are certified free from illegal drugs .

He said last year, they were able to apprehend 36 drug personalities and seized 963.3139 grams of illegal drugs amounting P6.5 million.


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