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PDEA warns gov’t workers, cops involve in illegal drugs

By Mark A. Gomez

“We will hunt you down!” This was the warning of the chief of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) in Camarines Sur to the government employees and uniformed personnel who continue to engage or are involved in the use or sale of illegal drugs.

PDEA Camarines Sur chief Mark Anthony Viray issued the warning in the aftermath of the apprehension of a barangay chairperson in Lagonoy, Camarines Sur in a drug sting last year and the recovery of some P300,000 worth of shabu from suspects claiming to be PDEA agents.

In an interview on Saturday, Jan. 8, Viray said the agency’s anti-illegal drugs campaign will go after anyone regardless whether he is an elected official, a high ranking government personality or even if he is part of PDEA. We will do whatever it takes to track them down and put them behind bars, he added.

Viray said these drug personalities have nowhere to hide especially those using their office or influence to gain advantage in their illegal drug activities.

He said the main reason why individuals engage in illegal drugs is because it is very lucrative. One gram of shabu costs around P6,800 while 10 kilos of marijuana has a market value of P500,000.

Viray said that the government’s war on drugs is effective as the total amount of drugs seized by PDEA is very significant .

We will continue our no-nonsense campaign against illegal drugs particularly in the barangays, he added.

PDEA continues to build up its strength as it increased its personnel from 800 to 3,000 strong well-trained anti-narcotics operatives armed with high-powered firearms and equipment, including provision of sufficient intelligence funds.

He said PDEA is also giving drug users every opportunity to change for the better by providing them rehabilitation program thru the Bahay Silangan.


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