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PhilHealth releases P140M for Covid-19 claims in Bicol

By Keren Anne Bernadas

The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) has released some P140 million of Covid-19 benefits to 13,900 individuals in the Bicol region since the start of the pandemic in March 2020.

PhilHealth Regional Vice President Henry Almanon enumerated the updated PhilHealth Covid-19 package benefits, which include in-patient benefits classified by their condition or cases, and facility categories.

Testing packages for Covid-19 through plate-based RT-PCR test may range from P800 to P2,800; and cartridge-based PCR from P500 to P2,450, he said.

Covid-19 Community Isolation Benefit Package worth P22,449 is for those confirmed positive but are asymptomatic or mild that needed isolation. This package may be used if a patient is admitted in a PhilHealth-accredited Community Isolation Unit (CIU).

Home Isolation Benefit Package for Covid-19 worth P5,917 provides benefits directly to the facility, once approved in the social criteria of the agency.

Almanon urged more facilities in the region to apply for accreditation so that it can be granted benefits.

Meanwhile, Covid-19 Vaccine Injury Compensation worth P100,000, on the other hand, is allotted for PhilHealth members who died and serevely affected by Covid vaccines.

Aside from these, PhilHealth also aims to improve its uninterrupted online services by enhancing its Member Portal. Digital services such as PhilHealth records, data record, contribution history and payment contribution for self-employed members can be accessed through this portal.

According to Almanon, the dialysis sessions are also extended from 90 to 144 days in 2021. The agency is still awaiting new circular for the current year.

He also said that there is a mandatory Philhealth membership of students age 21 years old above attending face-to-face classes as per CHED and DOH Joint No 2021-004 Memorandum.

Join us as we carry out the commitment in pursuit of the Universal Health Care Act. Amidst the crisis brought by the pandemic, we will continue to provide quality and honest services to all Bicolanos. This would not be possible without the support of our partners, stakeholders and members, he said.


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