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Police file murder charges vs ‘Bikoy’

By Mar S. Arguelles

Police on Saturday (Nov. 13) afternoon has filed with the Provincial Prosecutors Office (PPO) of Albay multiple murder charges against Peter Joemel Advincula alias “Bikoy,” the principal suspect over the death of three persons whose cadavers were found at the latter’s “Ukay-Ukay” (used clothing) store in Barangay Busay, Daraga town on Nov. 12.

Lt. Col. Bogard Arao, Daraga police chief, said the inquest proceedings was held at 4:00 PM on Nov. 13 where the affidavits of Lalaine Herrera Amor, the lone survivor and star witness, including those of the testimonies from witnesses were submitted to the PPO for resolution.

Arao in an interview said once the PPO finds that there is a prima facie evidence that would pin down Advincula, the case would be raffled among the prosecutors to determine the one who would handle and file the case in court.

He said “we have a strong case against Advincula that would pin him down as the murder suspect.”

Advincula would be facing multiple murder charges for the death of Donsol Councilor Helen Advincula Garay,53, Kareen Averilla, 44, and Xavier Mirasol, 61, all of Donsol, Sorsogon.

Report said Garay was running for the town vice mayoral post, while Averilla, Mirasol and Herrera Amor were aspiring councilors under the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA).

Arao said that although Garay’s middle name was Advincula, the victim has no blood relationship with the suspect.

Herrera Amor on Thursday, Nov. 11, reported to the police that her three colleagues went missing the day before, after a meeting with Advincula about a Bongbong Marcos Movement campaign sortie in Albay, where they were being recruited to become coordinators.

She told the police that after the meeting with Advincula, the latter invited the four of them to his store, where he fetched her colleagues and brought them to his store one by one.

She said that when Advincula came back for her to bring her to the store, she sensed something was wrong and when they reach the store, she was able to escape and sought refuge in a nearby establishment.

Amor’s statement was corroborated by witnesses who told the police that Advincula was seen in the area, Arao said.

The following day, Saturday at around 4:00 AM, Advincula called the police to inform them that three dead bodies were found inside his Ukay-Ukay store in C&E Building in Busay, Daraga, Albay.

Police investigators had established that Advincula brought the victims to the establishment where they died, which made him a primary suspect in the killing.

Scene of the crime officers said the victims suffered gunshot wounds from a 9mm handgun that caused their instant death.

Arao said investigators were looking at personal grudge, political and business rivalry as possible motives of the killing.

Advincula gained notoriety after he was tagged as the whistleblower, who linked the children of President Duterte to narcopolitics.


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