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Prayer to the Virgin of Peñafrancia

Turn to me thine eyes, Oh most loving Virgin of Peñafrancia

and have mercy on my soul that comes to thee, full of repentance.

Protect my family, relatives, friends and benefactors.

Intercede for your devotees, both the living and the dead, especially for those whom I am most obliged to help.

Pray for me, console me and save me.

In my hours of peril, adversity and difficulties,

above all in the hour of my death,

appear before your Divine Son to help and defend me.

Tell Him that I am your devotee,

that having complete trust in your protection.

I kneel before your miraculous image

to ask for your powerful intercession.

Virgin of Peñafrancia, pray for me,

help me, console me, and deliver me from all evil. Amen


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