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PRC CamSur leads 1st batch of EMT graduates

By Ana-Liza S. Macatangay

NINETEEN newly certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) of the Philippine Red Cross (PRC)-Camarines Sur humbly raised their badges as they passed the rigorous 30-day training which endeavors to enhance the capacity of the member of the response team in a pre-hospital setting.

The simple ceremony was held Wednesday, Nov.30 at the Primus Hotel, here.

“To our graduates, your job as an EMT is very much crucial in our medical sector, as your service can mean the life and safety of our patients in health emergency situations. You are a very vital link between our medical facilities and those of emergency cases or situations. That is why we truly need not just EMTs, but competent, and capacitated EMTs who can efficiently provide on-scene patient care, treatment, and transport assistance,” Naga City Mayor Nelson said.

The Chief Executive also extended his congratulations to Philippine Red Cross (PRC) Camarines Sur Chapter, particularly to PRC Officer-in-Charge Maria Felisa Badiola and PRC Safety Services Head Romulo Cordez Jr., for raising another batch of competent EMTs who can ably assist in responding to emergencies and in ensuring that all EMT units across the country are equipped with EMTs who are capacitated with ample knowledge and attitude that are highly needed for the job.

PHILIPPINE Red Cross-Camarines Sur Chapter Board of Directors (upper line) with 2022 EMT Graduates. Upper line (L-R) City Councilor /BOD Lito del Rosario; NIA/BOD Ed Yu; PRC CamSur Safety Services Head Romulo Cordez Jr.; PRC CamSur Officer-In-Charge Maria Felisa Badiola; Naga City Mayor Nelson Legacion; BOD Mely De Guzman; BOD Treasurer Eudeza Racadag; BOD Secretary Ana-Liza S. Macatangay and BOD Engr. Emeterio Aman. (Lower line: The Graduates: “Fortis Nobilis” or “Strong Noble Men” Batch 2022. (Photo credits: PRC/BPeriabras)

The project, which was comprised of 24 trainees, started on June 6 and ended on June 30, 2021, with 19 completers. On top of the difficult training, each EMT trainee is obliged to finish 10 case studies and pass the actual ambulance ride training.

“There are 2 parts to the EMT Training. The first one is the 25-day theoretical training and Ride- along activity, including the submission of 10 case studies for trauma and ten medical case studies, then a 380-hour actual ride in the ambulance. The training basically consists of familiarizing work inside the ambulance and how to cater to different emergencies,” Cordez added.

“Fortis Nobilis” or “Strong Noble Men” Batch is the first PRC-CamSur trained EMTs who will augment the chapter’s emergency response team, particularly in times of disasters and similar circumstances.

“In Camarines Sur, the ambulance response started way back 2009 when the second ambulance vehicle was received and was activated as a response vehicle of the Philippine Red Cross Camarines Sur Chapter. Back then, the only response personnel in the chapter is a bunch of first- aider with the level of Emergency Medical Responder (EMR),” Badiola said.

Cordez said that the need to pioneer the recruitment and standardization of EMT training came from the lack of the responder’s know-how on ambulance response, which is critical in saving lives.

“Life is too short, titles, position, money, and health are all temporary and time is running out, so let’s do what we can, work what we can for the benefit of humanity,” Cordez added.

The 19 EMT graduates came from various organizations, local government unit response ambulance teams, Safety Services instructors, and volunteers. They passed through meticulous training as per the given standards of Israel EMS.

The training was headed by Cordez as PRC Cam Sur Safety Services Head. He was assisted by other training team members composed of Dr. Kim Labayane, Safety Services active volunteer; Alvin Agtarap, SSI Cam Sur, and 3 other staff from the PRC-Batangas chapter. PRC CamSur and LGU Naga also gave their full support to fully realize the project.

Seeing the need for more EMTs, Legacion pledged his full support in creating more avenues for training responders and the provision of equipment and life-saving facilities.

“Under my administration, we assure you that we are taking necessary actions in the matter of protecting and saving lives! This is the reason why we are going to establish in Balatas, Naga a 400-M peso Center for Safety and Resilience or CESAR which is a next-generation Public Safety Operation Center or Interactive Monitoring and Emergency Operation Center. It may be otherwise called as the modern Command Center to serve not only the city but also the entire Metro Naga area,” Legacion stated.

He announced that the construction of the state-of-the-art edifice will start in the next few months.


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