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Project: A bridge from the past to the future

After spending countless hours in learning how to carry out the project I have completely forgotten about it. Until, new people saw the outcome up close and personal. They were raving about it.

How do I feel about it? Well, there is fulfillment. Now, I can say that it was all worth it. It was hard labor. My back was in pain for a few months. I carried really heavy stuff.

I think I may be in the wrong profession. I should have a blue-collar-job instead of a white-collar-job. When I see man-made architectural wonders, they tug at my heartstrings.

Because of my little project, I now know how Eiffel felt after building his grand pieces. My grandfathers on both sides were engineers. I think I should have followed in their footsteps.

But I was just doing it for its own sake. Because it was good. And, it made me feel good deep inside. I was not asking for attention or fishing for compliments, like in the aforementioned statements- I had completely forgotten about it.

What is the project? Well, you may call it the Renaissance of our home. You see, both of my parents left this world already. And, myriad changes happened in our home. I just felt nostalgic one day. I reminisced about the good old days.

Being second to the youngest in a large family of 16, most of my childhood memories about how our home was like in the past were somewhat blurry. So, I searched for old photographs of our humble abode. The way things were. Slowly, like a Jigsaw puzzle everything fit together.

Moreover, I wanted the house to be much happier again. The flow of air or proper ventilation was always what my late mother emphasized. The air became fresh again and a respite to all. A breath of fresh air, like what they always say.

Did you notice something about aerodynamically designed vehicles? There are smoother and rounder elements to them. The plane for example has a round nose for easy flying.

And through research I also found out that jagged edges and lines in a house should be complemented with rounded edges and shapes. It has an inspiring effect to the people living in the house. They become more joyful. Well, it makes sense, if a ball would be thrown at you, it would not hurt in the same manner if a lance would be hurled toward you.

Another point, everything should be bright. Always let the sunshine in. I think that our house was designed with that in mind. Our facade even faces the morning sun. Going back to the project, I found all the items upstairs that were neatly kept in boxes.

Again, all I had to do was look at the pictures and replicate them in real life.

Why go through all that trouble? It was not. The fruits of the projects are beneficial to each family member. It was like an anchor. We were safely back to shore. Our ship is anchored securely in the harbor.

For the young ones it gave them a sense of history. A connection with their past. A loving connection to their ancestors. It is a solid foundation that would strengthen them toward their future.

Furthermore, I am a history buff. I have an ever growing fascination with anything historic, vintage, antique, ancient, etc. Nonetheless, I am also equally fascinated with futuristic phenomena. Did you know that Star Trek and many other futuristic movies’ topics are now realities? One example would be communication advances e.g. video call.

As a writer, I am extremely dumbfounded when fiction becomes non-fiction. I am extremely careful as well when I write fiction because I do not want to be responsible for anything untoward that may become a reality. Having said that, now you know why I only write everything inspiring.


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