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Project KKK featuring EME’s Mushroom Showcases Innovative Products at JCI Naga Inc. and JCI Nagueña

By Nicol De Jesus

Naga City, Philippines - Project KKK’s start-up, EME’s Mushroom, participated in the weeklong Start-up Trade Fair, Bazaar for Cause of JCI Naga Inc. and JCI Nagueña from April 23–29, 2023 in celebration of JCI Philippines’ 2023 JCI Week with the theme "Brighter Mission, Lead with Passion." The Abanggayon Mothers from Gawad Kalinga San Fernando, represented by Tita Elsa and Tita Meriam, showcased their knowledge in by-product making, costing, and marketing by selling a variety of mushroom-based products.

Their products included Peanut Butter with Mushroom, Pickled Mushroom, Mushroom Chips, Mushroom Empanadas, Mushroom Lumpia, Mushroom Chicharon, Fresh Oyster Mushroom and the Best-Seller Mushroom Balls with Sweet and Spicy Sauce. They also offered other organic products. Customers were amazed at the variety of products that could be made from mushrooms.

The mothers expressed their happiness with the experience and their eagerness to bring their products to more markets in the future. Project KKK’s proponents, Trisha-Marie Albeus and Everild Gerd Pablo were actively present throughout the week to assist the mothers at the trade fair. Other members of the KabuTEAM also showed their support by visiting the KaBOOTHe and patronizing the mushroom products.

Project KKK, or Project Kabutehan para sa Kabuhayan at Kalusugan, is a six-day training program in Gawad Kalinga Abanggayon Village, San Fernando. The training workshop provided topics on mental health, marketing, financial literacy, and by-product making, all aimed at empowering entrepreneurs in the mushroom industry.

This event highlights the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of the Abanggayon Mothers and the success of Project KKK’s start-up, EME’s Mushroom. It also showcases the versatility of mushrooms as a food source and the potential for further innovation in this area.


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