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Rainwater collection system proposed

NAGA CITY --- A proposed ordinance calling for the installation of rainwater collection system for all institutional and commercial buildings, as well as residential development projects in this city has been filed before the Sangguniang Panglunsod here.

Authored by first-time City Councilor Joe Perez, the proposed measure will require all commercial and industrial structures and residential development projects to construct or install a water harvesting facility to store rain water for use during the dry period.

In his explanatory note, Perez said that out of the total volume of water available on earth, only 2.5% is fresh fluid water that can be used for domestic purposes.

“In Naga City, the present estimated demand for potable water is about 65,135 cubic meters a day, which is expected to further increase due to expanding population brought about by rapid commercialization, immigration, and other socio-economic development activities taking place in the city,” Perez stressed.

Under the proposed measure, an owner or developer of a new commercial and institutional building and/or residential development project within the city, with an area of at least 1,500 square meters will reserve, develop and maintain 3 percent of the total area, exclusive of roads and service alleys, as rainwater harvesting facility (RHF) as requirement for a building permit.

For owners of ongoing commercial, institutional and residential development projects that have no existing provision for RHF, they will have to build the facility within a period of three years from the effectivity of the ordinance, Perez said.

Water from this collection facility may be used for non-potable purposes, such as watering plants, flushing toilets, washing cars, and other general washing chores.

Perez emphasized that the general practice of groundwater extraction to satisfy increasing demand for water must be regulated to avoid intrusion of saltwater within the aquifer of the Naga River watershed by maintaining balance in water extraction as against water discharge where storage of rainwater will greatly help.

Perez hopes that the ordinance he crafted will also reduce flooding during the rainy season and the utilization of treated water for car washing and other water-based chores and at the same time save potable water for non-essential domestic use.

The city councilor said the proposed rainwater collection system is in consonance with Republic Act No. 9729, or the Climate Change Act.

Perez assured that the proposed measure will be submitted for full discussion by all stakeholders so that a balanced, fair and equitable ordinance will come out for the welfare of all concerned, especially the consumers, including Planet Earth.

The proposed ordinance had been formally presented on first reading during last Tuesday’s regular session of the Sangguniang Panglunsod and accordingly was referred for appropriate action to the SP Committee on Environment chaired by Councilor Buddy del Castillo.


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