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On “Underdog Lovers” (Published on February 18, 2021):

• Antonio Doblon

“A ponrderable gobernatorial timber candidate that fought LRV and won twice is a Calabangueno in the name of Cong. Gabriel Bordado. Camarines Sur voting history is much affected by the votes from Partido, Rinconada and Libmanan and some bigger towns like Calabanga. If Imelda Papin was not fielded during the second gobernatorial candidacy of Bulaong, that man from Libmanan could have won the second victory. A split of Camarines Sur into two provinces could have removed this voter’s imbalance due to clannish leanings during elections. A potent strategy of a provincial dynast is to control each district and also to be a citizen of voter’s rich towns. But Gabby Bordado still have one 3 year term to finished his Congressional post to graduate as a Cam. Sur 3rd district Congressman. If Bordado give up the present post, a resurgerce of Trapos in the third district maybe foreseeable. Just maybe, since our politics is unexpectedly like most storms unpredictable!”

• Norman Avengoza

“Loved the last article you wrote on isipon ta. This one story probably unknown about the political defeat of Jose Fuentebella III... I was there myself, a few weeks before the elections, commander Benjie Jallores approached uncle and asked for terms in order to get support at the grassroots. He refused and told Benjie that if they support him, it should be no strings attached... if uncle agreed, maybe he would have lost not by a lot...

They met at the former residence of Mrs. Clemeno in Magsaysay Ave. We were renting that place then... Jallores was a tall lanky fellow.. I guess they called him commander Tangkad then..”

Ini an totoo. On “Dinastiya kontra mga dinastiya sa Cam. Sur” (Published on February 18, 2021)

• Irvin Parco

“Kan 2016, magkaalyado an NP-LP kayâ sararô sa tarpaulin si Leni saka mga Villafuerte sa 2nd district. Para gobernador si Migz, para kongresista man si Lray. Apisar na “kayâ” nagtapsok (sa ikaduwang pagkakataon, inot bilang city mayor baga back-up ni Pogi baka sakaling madiskwalipikar an dating manok ni Gurang, an reluctant housewife turned politician) sa bida politika, tanganing bagaton an Villafuerte sa 3rd district.”

• Rommel R Alanis

Grabe naman an KaHaGasan sa Puesto kan ipagsusulit na mga Sobra ka Gahaman na Pamilyang Ini..Iyo na sana an Gustong Magraynar sa Camarines Sur???..Hoy Pay Luis, Hoy ElRey..Mayo na Kamong Mga Supog???..Ay Abaa na Ka Hagas-Hagasdon sa Poder..POTOT pa YANG LUIGInG may Gatas pa sa Labi!!!Kadakol pa kan mas TulTol na Gusto man na Magserbi..

• Eduardo Orbita

“Kon an mga botantes magkaigwa nin Toltol na prinsipyo....gurano man rarom kan ugat kan politiko.... pweding mapahale e masalidahan sa pwesto.

Dakol na mas maray na politiko sa Cam.Sur, hubin asin mas toltol na idea para sa provincia, bagong lalawgon pweding ibugtak sa kapitolyo...kon ang mga botante paoorogon toltol na pagpipili ta igwa nin prinsipyo.”


• Sandie Verdadero

Greg, Truly without academic freedom, there is no real education. A student should be taught how to analyze and think critically especially whatever controversial issues affect our lives and country. Dissent is imbued in democracy and the right of a freedom-loving citizen to use CONSTRUCTIVELY against erring gov’t and its officials. Our nation is BESET by unabated corruption, illegal drugs, crimes, uncertain political climate, in the face of this COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone is GUILTY of all the good, he/she DID NOT do. Doing nothing to fight evil is an omission of sin and disobedience to GOD. During the dark days of the late dictator, Martial Law, two of my high school batchmates lost their lives by joining the movement. They believe in a good cause in fighting tyranny and sacrificed their bright future for the greater good, for the betterment of our society. They are idealistic, bright students and could have been future leaders or technocrats in private or in gov’t. But they did not die in vain together with the thousands of victims of the dictatorial regime. Primim Regnum Dei.

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